Digest, April, Week 3
April 15

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 … attack them, and be quick! Oopsie, wrong radiofrequency. Uh. I mean, Weekly Digest time, Commanders!

👽 HQ staff decided to hold a special event dedicated to Easter. We have hidden 10 Easter eggs (or, should we say, gummy aliens👾) related to sci-fi and space themes all around the server. Find all Easter eggs and claim your prize – 25 Auction Points! But hurry up. The deadline for the Easter Eggs Hunt event is April 25. Here you can read more about this event.

🔹 Besides Easter, there was another significant holiday this week called the Day of Human Space Flight. And again, HQ, in full force, congratulate you on such an important date!

🔬 Also, new 3.5 update features and changes were considered in detail. Link to the full article.

🥳 By the way, HQ staff has already summed up the results of the emoji and stickers contest for the Discord server. Have you already tried some of them? No? Well, then you totally should! Here is the link to our Discord community.

🛰 We continue our impressive segment called Space Atlas! This time we decided to show you one of the genuinely legendary places – the Galactic Headquarters! Check this out!

💬 Commanders, did you know that World Rock-n-roll Day was celebrated on April 13? The HQ staff and I personally were shocked to find out this info while doing some pre-cosmic research. Of course, very few people listen to rock-n-roll music in modern post-cosmic times. There are some other rock bands on everybody’s A-list today. For example, “Minez”, “The Hateful Centurion”, “Light Fightah”, and stuff… By the way, what kind of music do you prefer? Share your musical selections in our socials!

In the meantime, HQ staff needs to take a break and conduct one or two Arena battles. There are some daily tasks to complete! So, see you at the Arena!

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