Easter Event!
April 11

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

According to both Earth and galactic calendars, the long-waited spring has come. Giant soil squares filled with various flowers on the special ships-platforms have begun to flourish. All Space Arena citizens are slowly preparing for the upcoming holidays. And believe us, there are lots of them: Space Pirates Day, Intergalactic Day of Unity, Arsenal Wall Day (to be honest, nobody celebrates it, you know why…) And, of course, Easter! Wait, what? Has the celebration already started? Well, it is a perfect time to begin our special Easter event! Commanders, we invite you to spend this Easter with us!

👽 HQ staff has hidden 10 Easter eggs (or, should we say, gummy aliens👾) related to sci-fi and space themes all around the Discord server. They can be everywhere, so be highly attentive. Each Easter egg contains a special tip to help you get to the next egg, so there won’t be any confusion. Find all those Easter eggs!

HQ staff is willing to make this event a big success. That’s why we have also prepared some rewards for Commanders. For each Easter egg found, Commander would receive 2.5 Auction Points (AP). Thus, the maximum reward equals 25 AP. To receive a reward, all you have to do is send a link leading to the Easter egg, using the !event command. And we have something else prepared. The first ten Commanders who successfully locate all Easter eggs faster than others will receive an additional reward – 300 Celestium!

💡 Deadline for the Easter Eggs Hunt event is April 25.

And for a start, we would like to point the direction toward your first Easter Egg. That will be a piece of cake! Just watch someone famous closely or ask for help!

We are waiting for your successes, Commanders!

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