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April 14

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

As you probably know, an update 3.5 was released a week ago. This update literally reshaped the Space Arena! Let’s see what exactly has been added and changed.

🔹First things first. Animations were added to the Сonstruction menu for each weapon module. Such a feature will be handy for Commanders-beginners who have just begun to get familiar with the modules’ functionality. By the way, you can turn off this feature in the Settings section.

🔹Another feature was added to the game – modules displaying instead of cells during the battle. There were only two display modes earlier. The first one is a mode that displays the cells’ current status, and the second one is a mode that displays the skin of a ship.

🔹Besides, the orienteering within the battles became easier for Commanders. A new feature called “Effects separation” was also added to the Settings menu. Using this feature, Commanders can track their shots and opponents’ shots. Please note that this feature is turned on by default. That means all your shot effects will be colored blue, and the opponents’ shot effects red. Within this feature, the weapon type is also taken into account.

🔹The background of battles was reworked too. Now it resembles the current background of the “Select game mode” menu section.

🔹New battles user interface worth separate mentioning. Besides already mentioned implementations, it is also essential to tell about the following options that are available for Commanders during the battle in the Settings battle section:

1) Zoom control option. You can also choose the camera target.
2) Show energy option that allows Commanders to monitor the current status of the overall energy indicator.
3) Show player ship status and show enemy ship status options. By turning these options on, Commanders may track the current chance of the hull break as well as the amount of both weapon and energy modules left on a ship. The hull status (Hull break chance indicator) should be understood as the overall Health indicator of all modules placed on the ship. The lower the level of this indicator, the higher the chance that the player’s ship can randomly self-destruct.
4) Modules animation option.
Other options that were already existing were also moved to the Settings battle section.

💬 Commanders, how do you feel about this update? Share your thoughts at our Discord server!

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