Weekly Digest, March, Week 2
March 11

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Whoa, is it Friday already? Well, what are we waiting for?! Weekly Digest time!

🥳 I hope you have not forgotten about Salvation Artworks Month! In short: in honor of the recent Arena salvation, HQ superiors decided to declare March a month of the saving artworks! Each Commander can send their game-related artwork and even earn some Auction points! Community managers will wait for your masterpieces until April 1st!

🌸 Let me congratulate every Commander with the elapsed International Women’s Day. I believe all of you were fighting on Arena on that day with remarkable bravery and pride, and all victories were dedicated to the gorgeous women Arena gladiators!

👾 Also, the team decided to interview one of the bravest Lady Commanders and ask about her success story for a high-skilled pilot-engineer. This time, we spoke with one of the DOM clan members, Lixy. We invite you to read the full interview!

📚 Another “How To” issue has been released. Within this segment, we help Commanders learn how to work with different features in visual guides. This week’s issue was all about the clan war rewards. We suggest you read about it!

💬 Commanders! It’s been a very saturated week in every sense. Even looking from one of the HQ portholes, we can see how Earth was changed that much for the last seven days. Anyway, enough of this poetry – it’s a space with the ships full of weapons after all! We wanted to tell you important news: all provided UGC works (as well as the prizes) will be published after April 1st. So, as some traders say at our black galactic market, “stop tiptoeing around and go do some real business.”

And finally, let me bless all of the Commanders with creative inspiration!
And see you at the Arena!

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