Interview with [DOM]Lixy!
March 09

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

You all probably know that we can meet Commanders from all around the world in our galactic community. Each one constructs their ships, and fights on the Arena in their unique way, and that’s why battles seem so breathtaking and unpredictable.

🚀 You may also meet brave women in the space vastness, who usually spend lots of time in their hangars, making their builds more effective and devastating. Lady Commanders are breaking into the fierce Arena battles and conquering the rating leaderboards every season.

So that’s why the team decided to interview one of the bravest Lady Commanders and ask about her success story for a high-skilled pilot-engineer. So please, meet the [DOM]Lixy!

Lixy plays for almost two years in Space Arena. She managed to reach the maximum level and score 2302 ranking points during that time.

– So, tell us, how did you know about the game? What did you like most about the game at that time?

– Frankly speaking, I can’t remember. 😀 But I love how the ship’s build matter for each fight. The community is also great. And I also feel excited to search every day for a new ship’s build to use.

– Many Commanders (including the veterans) think that Space Arena has its charming special effect: it is different from other similar projects, and that’s why it is fun to play. How do you feel? Does the game have any chance of becoming more popular after the further Clans-related updates release, or will it remain “not for everyone”?

– It’s hard to say. Speaking of clans: obviously, all clans want to fill the TOP 100 with their crew to conquer the Arena. But I consider clan feature like an endgame plus.

– Have you ever entered in top-100 Commanders?

– Nope.

– How so?

– I don’t have the good upgrades on my weapon to pretend for it now. Good upgraded weapons can make a difference in the endgame. Fortunately, there are some events in the game to loot some components for upgrades.

– So, now you are in the Master League. What’s the key to success?

-Well, do your daily quests. They are suitable for earning Celestium. Don’t forget to upgrade the ship as the difficulty increase. I also search for the perfect build for each ship to not struggle into the build section. And, of course, prey the RNG god for a bit of luck!

– What kind of specificities have you noticed during the Arena battles on your current rating?

– Well, every rating has its meta. Like, within the rating, where you often meet Supercarrier class ships, you will see a lot of turtle build. If we talk about the rating, where you often meet Galactic carrier class ships, you will face mines and torpedo-spam builds. As for my current rating, I prefer Centurion equipped with Capital Cannons.

– Some TOP-Commanders claim that they do not copy the ship builds from one another. Is it true?

– True, indeed. Each TOP doesn’t show his build for avoiding copy. But in the end, you start to understand that you don’t have many possibilities for the perfect build. So, everyone is just making their builds very similar to each other.

– By the way, have someone from your friends ever tried to play Space Arena? Did they enjoy it after all?

– Nope. You know, the beginning is quite long, and you can’t fight each other to play with them. So, it will be a solo play. 😀

– Do you have any idea what kind of changes the game needs to bring more Lady Commanders into it?

– You should probably add more ship skins. Also, a little guide section could be good for new Commanders and a new in-game friend system. By the way, another feature could be perfect. I am talking about the possibility of making a build for a ship without having to buy it. That would help if Commander-newbie asked for advice for his early-level ship, and you simply can’t buy it (not enough money or available slots). So, you make a build using this feature, send a screenshot of this build to the Commander, and that’s all. Job’s done!

– Blitz time! Name your TOP-3 favorite ships.

– PSS Miran, Destroyer Vega and Revenant or USS Centurion.

– And now TOP-3 disliked ones!

– Well, we have a special guide at our Discord server made by our Commanders, where you can find the most useless and most efficient ships. Consider all useless ships as disliked ones (I believe, for everyone). Also, I would add Oblivion Ark and Prophet. But I would say they are my main opponents, not the disliked ones 😀

– One last thing. What advice do you want to give to those who only start their Commander path?

– Accumulate some resources for the next ship you will buy. Don’t get scared if you encounter a ship from a higher class than your current one – some are just sensible to others build. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help – all Commanders will gladly help you with that!

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