Updated Fleet Arena guide for 3.14+ versions
July 09

👨‍🚀 Commanders! The HQ specialists have updated the guide for Fleet Arena.

Fleet Arena (FA) – one of the game modes in Space Arena. The mode was significantly revamped in versions 3.9 and 3.14.

Thanks to active Commanders Petros, Aze123, and others, we have supplemented the old version of the guide and included examples of possible fleets for lower levels and ratings.

General Information

Fleet Arena becomes available at level 5. Commanders have 5 attempts to play, which reset at 11:00 UTC daily along with Dailies and Weekly tasks.

Commanders need to place their ships from their hangar into the FA slots and plan builds for them. Your ships enter the fleet with the modifications and upgrades you have now. In battle, multiple ships you and your opponent placed in the fleet will fight simultaneously. The last Commander with surviving ships wins.

Placing ships in the fleet costs Credits. If you decide to remove a ship from the Fleet Arena slot, Credits will be refunded in full instantly.

Here is the cost of ships by class:

  • Fighter class ships: 5,000 Credits
  • Corvette class ships: 10,000 Credits
  • Frigate class ships: 15,000 Credits
  • Cruiser class ships: 20,000 Credits
  • Battleship class ships: 25,000 Credits
  • Carrier class ships: 30,000 Credits
  • Supercarrier class ships: 35,000 Credits
  • Galactic Carrier class ships: 40,000 Credits

Important note: if you change something in the build, and the ship with this build is already in the FA slot, you need to remove it and place it again to apply the changes.

You can place 1 main ship and 8 other ships from your hangar slots in the fleet. The fleet also has a limit of 1,000 cells. There are no support ships in FA.

Tips from Commanders: Initially, having 4-5 hangar slots is enough for comfortable farming in FA.

Each fleet has its flagship bonus to the main ship’s HP and DMG stats. The main ship does not provide any bonuses to the fleet. Instead, the bonus of the other 8 ships applies to the main flagship. The bonus calculation depends on the ship class. Only one ship per class can provide a bonus. So, if you place two fighters (Wing, then Lightning), you will get a bonus only for the first-placed ship of this class – Wing.

Here are the Health (HP) and Damage (DMG) bonuses for each class:

  • Fighter: HP 105%, DMG 51%
  • Corvette: HP 95%, DMG 46%
  • Frigate: HP 80%, DMG 38%
  • Cruiser: HP 65%, DMG 30%
  • Battleship: HP 50%, DMG 23%
  • Carrier: HP 32%, DMG 15%
  • Supercarrier: HP 22%, DMG 10%
  • Galactic Carrier: HP 8%, DMG 3%

Important note: after a ship is destroyed in battle, its flagship bonus applies to the main ship in full.

Important note: unique module bonuses from one ship apply to this ship only. For example, if you place a Small Solar Armor with a unique Range of All Modules bonus on the flagship, this bonus will apply to all weapons on the flagship only. This bonus won’t be applied to other fleet ships.

An HQ Tip: at the beginning of the battle, Commanders see the main enemy fleet ship, allowing them to assess their strength without engaging in battle. If you encounter a powerful fleet, tap on Surrender to save your ships and avoid re-purchasing them for Credits.

Opponent Matchmaking

Opponents in Fleet Arena are matched based on several parameters:

  • Total fleet cells
  • Your current rating
  • Your current level

Commanders are matched against one another within a certain range of total fleet cells. Often, the range is skewed upwards, making it more likely to find an opponent with more cells. The search range varies by player level. At level 60, it averages from -50 to +150 cells.

Commanders can only play against those a few levels above or below their own, to prevent early matches of new Commanders against veterans. If the system finds opponents with a similar rating, they get priority. Players might face significantly higher/lower-rated opponents if no closer matches are found based on cells, rating, and level.

The victorious Commander’s fleet enters the opponent matching system for ~72 hours or until the Commander wins another Fleet Arena battle, thus “overwriting” the fleet.

An HQ Tip: Adjust your fleet size strategically to find suitable opponents. For example, adjust by ±30-50 cells.

Tips from Commanders: A fleet with 500+ cells is good for farming at level 60 and 1500-2000+ rating, while ±700 cells offer a wide variety of opponents.


After a battle, the Commander receives rewards based on several criteria:

  1. If the battle is completed without surrendering, the Commander receives a small amount of Celestium and one random reward from the list: Limit Breaker, Powerful Limit Breaker, Success Block, Universal Skin parts, chips, gold chips, and Galaxy Coordinates. The reward values vary.
  2. If the Commander wins, a second random reward from the list above is given.
  3. For each enemy ship destroyed, the Commander earns Celestium, one per class. The total Celestium reward depends on the number of ships destroyed. The reward amount also depends on the class of the destroyed enemy ship and the size of your fleet in cells. You can double the final Celestium reward by watching an ad.
  4. The Commander also gains/loses rating points based on the battle outcome.

Reward Rarity:

  • Universal Skin parts- very common
  • Chips – very common
  • Gold chips – common
  • Success Block 40% – very common
  • Success Block 50% – rare
  • Success Block 60% – very rare
  • Success Block 70% – very rare
  • Success Block 80% – very rare
  • Success Block 90% – very rare
  • Success Block 100% – very rare
  • Epsilon Galaxy – rare
  • Zeta Galaxy – rare
  • Iota Galaxy – very rare
  • Beta Galaxy – rare
  • Delta Galaxy – rare
  • Theta Galaxy – very rare
  • Limit Breaker – very rare
  • Powerful Limit Breaker – very rare

Fleet and Ship Build Examples for FA

The efficiency of fleets and builds depends heavily on the Commander’s current level and rating, as well as the degree of ship and module upgrades. Generally, several types of fleets can be distinguished:

  1. Missile/Torpedo Builds: Use Impact Missile, Warhead Launcher, Hydra Turret BM1, and Mine Launcher modules on the main ship and other fleet ships. At later levels, add EMP Launcher modules to disable enemy modules temporarily. At lower levels, use any available missile modules.
  2. Ballistic Builds: Use Hyperion Chaingun on the main ship and other ships. The fleet deals high damage due to Hyperion’s good DPS and the flagship damage bonus. At lower levels, use many basic Chaingun 1×1 and Vulcan Turret BM1.
  3. Missile and Ballistic Builds.
  4. Builds made with Point Defense Turret: Ships are equipped with maximum armor and minimum energy required so Point Defense Turrets would function and protect the flagship.
  5. Zombie Builds: Like the previous builds, these ships are maximally armored but have almost zero energy, keeping them away from the battle epicenter to preserve them for future battles. These builds include various modules for unique bonuses, such as Range, Health, and Damage of all modules.

Tips from Commanders: Focus on ballistic and/or missile builds in this mode. Lasers are less effective due to the unchanged Reflect parameter value of the opponent’s armor.

Tips from Commanders: Prioritize armor over shields. The Health bonus does not apply to the Shield Strength parameter.

Examples of fleets and builds for them

1) Viper, flagship + Lightning, provided by Commander tobias183_: Suitable for early game. High DPS due to 1×1 Chainguns and flagship bonus.

2) EL-K, flagship + Miran + Sparrow: Suitable for levels 30-33 and 400-700 rating. Equip EL-K with an Impact Missile or Missile Launcher. Equip Sparrow with Vulcan Turret BM1 or 1×1 Chainguns.

3) Wraith, flagship + Miran + Sparrow + Wing: Suitable for levels 30-35 and 400-700 rating. Equip Wraith with Vulcan Turret BM1 or Fusion Ray. Equip other ships as needed.

4) Phantom Mk2, flagship + EL-K + Wraith + Miran + Sparrow + Wing: Suitable for levels 35-38 and 500-900 rating. Equip Phantom with as many Impact Missiles as possible. Equip EL-K similarly. Equip other ships as needed.

5) Kronos, flagship + Wing/Lightning + Sparrow/Viper/Raven: This fleet is suitable for levels 15-38 and 300-1000 rating. Due to its size, Kronos will quickly destroy the enemy flagship. The other two ships in the fleet will provide minor durability and damage bonuses. Equip the ships as you see fit. To preserve ships and avoid spending too many Credits, you can consider zombie builds for them (excluding Kronos).

6) Achilles, flagship + Rapier + Wing + Sparrow + EL-K + Wraith + Eidolon Mk2, provided by Commander Leks: This fleet is suitable for 58-60 levels and 10000+ rating. Achilles made with Mine Launcher. You can either make zombie builds for other ships or make builds with your main weapons, PDT, and EMP Launcher.

7) Sleipnir, flagship + Sparrow + Wing, provided by Commander r.adm.protogen. This fleet is suitable for 59-60 levels and 1000-1100 rating. Good performance vs ballistics fleet, but loses to builds with EMP Launcher and Fusion Ray.

8) Kronos, flagship + Wing + Sparrow + Orkaan + Morningstar + Wraith + Arbiter, provided by Commander viperspec. This fleet is suitable for 59-60 levels and 20000-30000 rating. Flagship has the build with mines, missile weapons, and EMP Launchers. Equip other ships as needed.

9) Revenant/Krigerskold, flagship + Kabuto + Scythe + Raptor, provided by Commander [LEG] GramNago. This fleet is suitable for 54-58 levels and 800-1000 rating. Equip ships as needed.

10) Achilles, flagship + Duke + Warrior + EL-K + Wing + Sparrow + Miran, provided by Commander reagan_smash122. This fleet is suitable for 58-60 levels and 9000-10000 rating. Equip ships as needed.

11) Achilles,flagship + Light Fighter + Starbridge + Raven + Scythe + Charger + Sleipnir + Thane, provided by Commander [DTEK] YelloCroco. This fleet is suitable for 58-60 levels and 6500-7300 rating. Flagship has the build with ballistic weapons. Equip Thane and Sleipnir with ballistics as well, and other ships with zombie builds.

Share your fleets on our Discord server. The HQ will include them in the guide and reward Commanders with Discord Activity points.

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