Soon Space Arena v.1.12
September 18

The Version 1.12 update will see a few changes:

  1. New Matchmaking – Matchmaking has been updated to give more appropriate opponents based on the following criteria: Ship Class, Level Range, Win-Loss Ratio, and of course Ranking. This should provide better play for all players.
  2. New Warp Drive Mechanics – Warp drive will no longer teleport ships directly in front of the enemy ships. Instead, valid warp locations have been restricted to the sides and rear of enemy vessels.
  3. A new in-game shop – The shop where you buy Celestium has had it’s interface updated to a new style. In addition to the new style, sales will now be more clearly described, showing both the original price as well as the sale price of the Celestium. This should make the benefit of sales much more clear.

This update is expected to be available to all players late September. In the meantime, 20% of Android users have been randomly selected by Google Play to receive early access to the 1.12 update. If you are one of this 20 %, your game should automatically update if you have auto-updates turned on. If not, check the Play Store for an update.

For those users who were part of the Closed Beta and have had a chance to try out the new Warp Drive, the developers would like your feedback on it. Any comments you have regarding the Updated Warp Drive are welcomed and encouraged. Please leave your comments below.

Also for any players that receive the 1.12 early access update, once you have had time to try out the new warp drive mechanics, please come back here and leave your feedback for the developers.

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