In Touch With Devs, Volume 25
March 01

👨‍🚀 The 25th In Touch With Devs volume is ready. In this segment, the HQ team answers frequently asked questions about the Space Arena, shares information about the development process, and discusses upcoming plans for the game.

By the way, about the latest one. This time we addressed some popular questions regarding the future Arena development.

💬 If you have any questions regarding game mechanics, you can always ask them via direct messages to our Discord community manager sergrng or in the #questions-to-devs channel. The HQ will publish the answers in this segment.

Question: I often struggle to upgrade/limit break module/ship parameters with a low chance. Sometimes this happens even 10+ times in a row. Are there any plans to address this?

Answer: The current upgrades and limit-breaking system works fine from a technical point of view. However, it doesn’t fully satisfy us, nor the Commanders. We have already started work on reworking the random system, which will affect upgrades, limit breaks, and lootdrops from Galactic Coordinates. This will help Commanders get rid of fail streaks while upgrading and limitbreaking, and also guarantee loot from Galaxy Coordinates after a certain number of research attempts. In many ways, this system will resemble the gameplay mechanic of a Pity Timer. The update with the new random system is expected to be released this spring.

Question: I can’t play Fleet Arena properly. I often face opponents with fleets consisting of 1-2 Galactic carriers and a spam of Light Fighters. Sometimes without the Galactic carrier, but still with the spam of these fighters. Are you planning to overhaul this game mode?

Answer: The upcoming update, 3.14.x, will affect this mode. Changes will be made so that the described meta no longer makes sense. This will encourage Commanders to experiment with their fleets and diversify gameplay.

Question: The recently released Galactic carrier Kronos looks weak both in form and parameters. Will there be any changes to it?

Answer: Currently, we are tracking analytics for this ship. We see an acceptable winrate for Commanders in ranked battles and Ship Competitions on Kronos. The winrate in Class Battles is slightly lower than in previous game modes. We will continue to monitor it. There is a possibility that Kronos will receive new parameters or the current ones will be reworked. The ship’s shape, however, will not change.

Question: Will new campaigns be added?

Answer: Yes. Approximately in version 3.15, 1-2 new campaigns will be added, primarily aimed at rookies. In these campaigns, Commanders will learn the differences between lasers, ballistic weapons, and missiles, when to use shields and armor, etc. In future updates, we will try to add more campaigns.

Question: Will new modules and ships be added to the Arena?

Answer: Yes, we have planned their addition for this year. You can leave your suggestions in our Discord server, in the game-suggestion channel to be precise.

Question: Will there be a rebalance of current modules?

Answer: A long time ago, in the days of version 2.13, we often buffed and nerfed modules. Last summer, we also made significant changes to their parameters. We will try to return to this trend and review some modules or ships. We have already started reviewing suggestions for module buffs and nerfs from the top25 Commanders Discord server, the main Discord server, and our other socials. You can leave your ideas in the previously mentioned server.

Question: What will replace the Grind Time event that you canceled?

Answer: We are currently considering the concept of a new event/game mode. At the same time, we occasionally launch the AI Competitions event for beginners and improve it with each iteration. This is an event with a fundamentally new mechanic for the Arena, in which a Commander needs to build a build for a selected ship and defeat several opponents in a row without changing it. There is a possibility that this event will soon become available to all Commanders either once or permanently, as with Anomalies. In any case, we will try to introduce a new event or game mode this year. We also consider Commanders’ suggestions in this direction.

Question: The ship construction menu lacks important ship data: the overall damage per second for each type of weapon, ship speed, mass, etc. Will it be reworked?

Answer: Yes, we have also planned this one. The reworked menu is expected to appear in 3.17. At the moment, we cannot say exactly what will be displayed additionally, apart from the overall energy indicator, which can currently be seen in the menu now. We will strive to increase the informativeness of this menu.

🤔 Commanders, thank you for your questions! What topics should we cover in the next In Touch With Devs volume? We would be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for this segment!

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