In Touch With Devs, Vol 7 (25.08)
August 25

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💬 In the “In Touch With Devs” segment we tell about the ins and outs of Space Arena development. Within this segment, we answer your questions and give our feedback on the most interesting players’ game suggestions. We hope that you find the “In Touch With Devs” segment interesting and useful! If you have questions about game mechanics, you can always contact our community manager. We will pass them onto the development team and will publish the answers later!

💡 This time, we collected and answered questions regarding the matchmaking system, ships’ restoring feature, Galaxy coordinates droprate, Winstreak system, ship mechanics features, Point Defense Turret, and Mine Launcher. Also, the development team reviewed some of the players’ suggestions.

Question from Kostřivec: Are you planning some way how to restore replaced ships? Let’s say “Your old ship is coming back from retirement. It takes X days to wait for free wormhole jump.” It would help in situations when someone replaces his ship by an accident, for example.

Answer: We do not plan to add such a feature.

Question from REDEAMUS: When are you going to fix the matching in class battles, I had the same guy six times and he totally outclassed me. He had much higher-tech development. That’s not a fair fight, at least match ships of a similar tech level!

Answer: The work on matchmaking system improvement is ongoing. We will try to make the necessary changes to the system.

Question from Pzy1337 SR.Mad-Krsnik: I understand RNG and that you are supposed to get higher chances at better coördinates from Class Battles. But the higher my rank becomes (top 100) the less satisfying my drops. 95% Alpha-9s, some pocket-change in Zeta and Epsilon, but no Iota for, I dunno, months. I had way more luck in the lower leagues. Is this reversed droprate a thing?

Answer: There is no reversed droprate. Most likely, the common Galaxy coordinates drop probability we have got here. The development team will try to consider this issue and similar cases of Galaxy coordinates drops in detail.

Question from player3645: When a player makes a winstreak, after two wins, the player gain more than one (how can I say it… Point ?), is there a maximum or it continues infinitely?

Answer: There is an in-game limit of bonus points for winstreaks. The daily value of this limit equals 50. After a victory, an appropriate progress bar is displayed on the screen. This progress bar displays points with the number of victories. You can click on each point and view detailed information.

Question from Fouler: Speaking of Point Defense Turret. There is accuracy, but no fire rate. Why? It is very important data to make decisions.

Answer: The Point Defense Turret module does not possess 100 percent projectile hits. That is why the “Fire Rate” parameter is not displayed in the module parameters.

Question from Pzy1337 SR.Mad-Krsnik: Regarding total range and firing arc paired with mine launchers. Do these affect the behavior of deployed mines in any way? Would the angle of deployment or travel distance of mines be affected? Or as assumed, will arc, do nothing and will range only affect the furthest range a ship can be before deploying? Would increased range cause mines deployed at the start of the battle to spawn earlier or is there a fixed idle timeframe before weapons are activated?

Answer: The Mine Launcher does not shoot by itself without the presence of the enemy ship. So, in order for the module to start deploying mines, it is necessary to comply with the next conditions:

  1. the enemy ship must be within the fire cone;
  2. the enemy ship must be within the firing range.

If the enemy ship is farther than the firing range and out of the Mine Launcher fire cone, then mines will not be dropped.

Question from Dima Kus: Can a ship turn without having engines onboard? If so, why is this happening?

Answer: The ship itself cannot turn without the engines onboard. However, many combat modules have repulsive and torque forces, which lead to the fact that the ship will spin even without engines. At the same time, the ship can turn and push off both from the own combat modules functioning (rather from their firing), and from being hit by the shots of the enemy ship.

Suggestion from Konstantin Pavlov: Please, add the re-arrange ships in the hangar and 4x speed-up battle features.

Answer: A similar feature of arranging ships in the hangar will be implemented in further updates. However, there are no plans to add a 4x speed-up battle feature, due to the technical complexity of the game.

Suggestion from Anonymous User: I think we should be able to see opponents’ ship builds after the fight so we can improve and develop so we can grow stronger.

Answer: We do not plan to add such a feature at the moment. Perhaps in the further updates, at the beginner levels, it will be possible to see part of the enemy ship’s build for a better understanding. At late-game levels, the development team will try to add in-battle visualization elements. They will help players understand what modules are placed on the ship. At the same time, the full enemy ship’s build mapping is not planned.

🤔 Commanders, thank you for your questions and suggestions! What topics should we cover in the next “In Touch With Devs” post? We will be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for this segment!

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