In Touch With Devs, VOL. 16, 06/28/2022
June 29

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🚀 In the “In Touch With Devs” segment, our team continues to answer frequently asked questions about the Space Arena. As part of the segment, we share the development process and upcoming plans for the game. We hope that this information will be helpful to you and will come in handy in planning future battles!

If you have questions about game mechanics, you can always contact our community managers in the Discord server. We will pass them on to the development team and will publish the answers later!

💡 This time, we collected and answered questions regarding the Anomalies event, Mass parameter features, Regen Speed parameter on shields, damage, and Trophies calculations.

Question from Cardinal: When will Anomalies event return?

Answer: We’re currently reworking Anomalies. Once all scheduled changes will be implemented, the Anomalies will be available once again for all Commanders. We can’t announce the exact release date at the moment. Follow the news!

Question from FaceSpace: Is mass calculated as a single total value per ship or is it weighted by cell? As an example, would a ship with heavy modules on only the right side have its pivot point shifted more to the right?

Answer: The ship won’t shift either to the left or right side. The mass of the modules simply can’t affect on such ships’ moves. We recommend keeping in mind this moment while making new builds or changing the current ones.

Question from dennis K: Can someone say how the trophies are calculated in a clan war if you win a war and how the trophies are composed if you lose? Can I look that up somewhere?

Answer: There is a reward for the victory in the Clan War that equals 500 Trophies. The clan may also earn 50 Trophies in case of defeat in the Clan War. At the same time, both the clan that won and the clan that was defeated can additionally receive bonus Trophies for each separate conducted attack, complete destruction of the enemy defense fleet, and also for the ships remaining in the defense fleet that were not completely destroyed. All clan members may check the exact Trophies numbers that were earned during the Clan War in the War Results section (it could be found in the end of the each Clan War in the clan chat). Also, we invite you to read the special article where you can find additional info regarding Clan Wars features.

Question from FaceSpace: What is the value of the minimum damage threshold? For example, a Chaingun module (4 damage) attacks a large reactive (6 armor). How much damage is dealt per shot?

Answer: You may consider each number that is greater than zero as a minimum in-game damage threshold value. As for the described case. The damage won’t be dealt to the module at the beginning, but soon or later it will be dealt. However, we can’t say the exact timing, cause there are lots of factors that need to be taken into the account.

Question from Wino111: What are the mechanics of shield regeneration? I mean, does it start regenerating immediately after receiving a hit or after some delay?

Answer: That’s right! The shield begins to regenerate after receiving a hit with a small delay. Each shield model has its own delay value. Such a delay can last on average from two to four seconds.

🤔 Commanders, thank you for your questions! What topics should we cover in the next “In Touch With Devs” issue? We will be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for this segment!

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