Clan Wars!
February 09

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

Despite the release of the Clan Wars update to be postponed, we just have to tell you more about the Wars themselves. The article will help the Commanders to properly prepare for their first Clan War.

Let’s get started!

🔸 General information. The first stage is “Registration and search for an opponent”.

All Clan Wars take place in three stages. Each of these stages lasts an average of 24 hours. The first stage involves the registration of the clan for the upcoming War and the search for an opponent.

To register a clan, it is enough to apply for participation in the Clan War. At the same time, the Leader needs to make sure that the clan passes the selection requirements. Each case is individual, and specific requirements are displayed on the registration screen, but general rules could be found below:

  1. The clan has reached the level specified in the requirements.
  2. The clan has the rate specified in the requirements.
  3. The clan has the minimum number of participants required to participate in the upcoming War.

After successful registration, at the very end of the first stage there is a search for the opponent clan.

Due to the unfulfilled second requirement, the clan will not be able to participate in the Clan War


Important note: an opponent clan will be selected automatically from the clans that have registered to this War. The system of matchmaking is based on a variety of factors, as in the case with the matchmaking at the regular Arena.

🔸 The second stage is “The preparation stage”.

Immediately after the registration stage, the second stage begins. It means that the enemy has already been determined, and clan members can get some intelligence data on the opposing clan.

During this stage, each of the two selected clans needs to place 8 ships of different classes in special defense fleet slots. Each defense slot has its own ship class. For example, a clan can place only one Fighter class ship, one Corvette class ship, etc. But there are exceptions. The entire clan may lack ships of some class. In such cases, the defense fleet slots of the missing ship classes are replaced with the last unlocked ship class (provided that the clan members have ships in the hangar from this class). So, this way, the clan will be able to place several ships of the same class.

An important note, Commanders: One clan member can place only one ship in one defense fleet slot, provided that they have the role of “Defender”, “Clan Leader” or “Officer”. As you may know, the Clan Leader and Officers can give or remove the role of “Defender” to any regular member of the clan.

In order to place a ship, a clan member needs to go to the Clan War map and, when tapping on an empty defense fleet slot, select the appropriate ship with the current build from the personal hangar.

An enemy clan needs to add a couple more ships to the defense slots and it will be possible to start battles!


Another important note, Commanders: in the hangar of a clan member who participates in the war and placed the ship in the defense slot, the selected ship will not be available for use in any other battles.

If you need to change the build of a ship placed in the defense slot, you will need to remove it from the slot, go back to your hangar, change the build and then place it back to an empty defense slot on the Clan War map.

Clan members with the roles of “Clan Leader”, “Officer”, as well as the clan member who put such a ship in the slot can remove the ship from the defense slot. Additionally, the Clan Leader and Officers can leave notes on the Clan War map in the ship slots. Those notes will be visible to all clan members.

If one of the clan members did not put one of their ships in the defense fleet slot and left this slot empty until the end of the preparation stage, then before the start of the next, final stage – the battles stage – a ship with a random build will be automatically placed in this slot.

Before the very beginning of the battle stage, the information about the ships in the defense slots is updated. It means that if the Commander has already placed his ship in the defense slot and then upgraded ship or the modules used, then such upgrades will automatically be applied to the placed ship. So, there is no need to rearrange such a ship into the defense slot again.

🔸 The third stage is the “Battles stage”.

The last stage is called the “Battles stage”. During this stage, the clans attack the previously placed 8 defense fleet ships of each other.

You can only attack an enemy ship placed in the defense slot with a ship of the same class. Such an attacking ship must be selected from the hangar. During the Clan War, each clan member can attack twice, and it is not necessary to have any specific role to do so. Thus, if a clan member wants to place a ship in the defense slot and planning to attack later, then this clan member will need to think about which ship will be used in the first case, and which one in the second. Clan members who do not participate in the “Preparation Stage” will only need from one to two ships to perform an attack in the last, third stage.

For each battle with an enemy ship, an attacking clan member receives from 1 to 3 stars, depending on the damage that was inflicted on the ship and the result of the battle.

How the stars are calculated:

  1. Three stars are given if the battle is won and the enemy ship is completely destroyed;
  2. Two stars are given if the battle is lost but the enemy ship has lost 50% or more of its modules;
  3. One star is given if the battle is lost, but the enemy ship lost from 31 to 49% of its modules.

If 30% of the ship modules or less are destroyed during the battle, then the attacking clan member does not receive any stars.

The Clan War is over and it’s time to see the final results!


Another important note, Commanders: the same enemy ship in the defense fleet can be attacked many times if 3 stars were not scored during the previous attack. For example, if 1 star was previously scored in a battle with an enemy ship, then the next battle against the same enemy with a result of 1 star will not lead to the clan receiving stars. In this case, it will be necessary to score 2 or 3 stars in order for the clan to receive stars.

For each battle in which the clan receives stars, the attacking clan member receives clan activity points.

The clan that scores the most stars in the entire clan war will be considered the winner.

🔸 Rewards for taking part in the Clan War.

After the end of the Clan War period, all the participating clans receive trophies. The main share of trophies is received by clans that have defeated their opponents. 

At the same time, both the clan that won and the clan that was defeated can additionally receive bonus trophies for:

  1. Complete destruction of the enemy defense fleet. It means that all 8 enemy defense ships were destroyed with 3 stars;
  2. Ships remaining in the defense fleet that were not completely destroyed. Trophies are calculated for each surviving ship separately. A ship that was not destroyed with 3 stars is considered a survivor.

🔸 Clan Wars Season 

During a certain period of time, called season, clans compete with each other in the number of trophies earned in Clan Wars. After each War, the value of trophies changes for all participating clans. You can view the current position of the clan in the rating table of the Clan Wars season. In the same table, you can find the so-called War Leagues (analogs of the current leagues in the regular Arena). The War League depends on a certain number of trophies, upon reaching which the clan gets into this very League.

At the end of each season, all members of the clans that participated in the season receive a reward that can be claimed by using in-game mail. The reward directly depends on the League that the clan took within a particular season. An additional award is given to the clans that took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places at the end of the season.

In order to participate in the Clan Wars season and receive rewards, the clan needs to take part in at least one War during the season.

The Clan Wars season itself lasts an average of a month.

 Last but not least, Commanders: at the end of the season, some of the trophies of all participating clans burn out, as in the case with regular Arena season participants.

💬 That’s all for today, Commanders!

Our team will be glad to hear your questions regarding the Clan Wars! You can ask those questions in our social media pages. We will be happy to answer them!

And, as always, see you at the Arena, Commanders!

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