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August 20
👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🤓 Another week has passed and we continue to talk about the various game aspects and mechanics in alphabetical order in our traditional weekly segment – Encyclopedia. The information provided is designed for both experienced commanders and beginners, and we hope that everyone can find anything useful for them.

👾 This week’s letter is E! This time we will tell you about Engine!

🚀 Engines are a separate category of modules that belong to the Utility section. In the same category are the Support modules and Power modules, which we will discuss in more detail later.
The main task of the Engines is to ensure the movement and mobility of ships.

🔬 There are various types of engines, most of them are represented by a line of Ion Drives of different sizes that provide Thrust power and Turn power, there is also a Vectored Thruster that provides only Turn power, and some of the modules in this section provide something more. The latter includes the Warp drive, a unique invention of scientists from the time of Old Earth, powered by Celestium, surrounded by many myths and conjectures.
The Warp drive allows ships to jump through hyperspace, this feature can be used in both explorations and combat. The Warp drive has a unique Warp force utility stat responsible for the range and number of warps that ships make in battle. The more Warp drives units are installed the higher the Warp Force index gets, due to this more warps are made. This issue was discussed in detail in the Space Myth segment.

☄ Another unique module is the Afterburner. The bread and butter of the most skilled commanders, which allow them, with proper use, to get out of even the most dangerous situations. The Afterburner gives a significant increase in Thrust power and Turn power for a certain amount of time. All engines have health, armor, and reflection indicators, which allows them to withstand a certain amount of damage in combat, even if they are not protected by armor.

💬 That’s all for today, we look forward to your feedback and we will be happy to hear your opinion about this release, tell us what you would like to improve and what aspects of the game would you be most interested in hearing about in the future?

We wish you a great day and bright victories!
And as always – see you again, in the Arena!

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