SpaceMyths, VOL 1
July 22

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💬 Today we start a new segment called “Space Myths”, where we will fact check popular myths among players regarding the mechanics of certain modules and the general gameplay. You can send your myths to the community manager!

This time we will check out popular myths regarding the features of the Warp Drive mechanics and teleportation.

First of all, we decided to check a popular myth among players – will the ship teleport faster and more frequently with two installed Warp Drives?

We took three battles with a Miran build, which contains one Warp Drive and three battles with the Miran build, which has two modules.

✅ As you can see from the video, teleportation happens more frequently with the build with two Warp Drives on the board: myth is confirmed!

Now let’s check the other myth: will the ship teleport more frequently with installed Ward Drive and Afterburner?

❌ It is not true! The ship with Warp Drive and Afterburner teleports in the same way as the ship with one installed Warp Drive. This can be explained by the fact that the Afterburner module provides an increase in the Thrust boost and Turn Power ship’s parameters. However, the Afterburner does not affect the Warp Drive, because the last one does not depend on the mentioned ship’s parameters. At the same time, a greater effect can be achieved if the player will place two Warp Drives on a ship. The myth is busted!

❓ That’s all for today, Commanders! What kind of myths would you like to see the next time? You can suggest your ideas here.

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