Encyclopedia, letter D
August 20
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🤓 We continue to talk about the various game features and mechanics alphabetically in our traditional weekly segment, the Encyclopedia.
We hope that the information in this section is equally useful for experienced commanders and rookies alike.

👾 And the letter of this week is D!
Our segment is already a month old and to celebrate this we will tell you about two elements of our Universe at once – Defense and Delta Shipyards’!

☄ The general purpose of Defense is to prevent or partially reduce damage. Defense Modules are divided into 3 types: Shields, Armor, and System. Some modules also have alternative versions that can be purchased either on the Black Market or unlocked in the Campaign (Sectors).

⚪ The Shields create a bubble of protective layer around them that blocks projectiles. The shield can only withstand a fixed amount of damage, after which it temporarily drops. Shields (with one exception) recover over time, but the amount of energy to recover is also limited. Laser weapons ignore shields completely.

🛡 Armor is defensive modules designed to block all incoming damage, each armor module has an amount of health that must be decreased to zero in order to destroy it, as well as damage reduction properties that allow the armor to ignore part of the incoming damage. We talked in more detail about Armor in one of the previous issues of the Encyclopedia, you can get more information here.

🔬 System defense is represented by unique special-purpose modules, currently, there are two of them: A Junk Launcher that throws out portions of garbage to block the line of fire of the enemy ship’s guns and a Point Defense Turret that detects and detonates mines, missiles, and torpedoes before they cause any damage to the protected ship. The chances of intercepting various threats can be increased with the help of chip upgrades. Also, the protective turret has an amount of health, armor, and reflection indicators, which allows it to partially resist laser and ballistic damage, albeit not as well as armor modules.

🚀 And now let’s move to The Delta Shipyards’ also known as just Delta.

📖 Delta Shipyards is one of the leading spacecraft manufacturing companies in the known Galaxy. The headquarters of Delta is located in a remote sector. Initially, the company was completely independent of the influence of any organizations, state associations, and coalitions. The company’s main customers were the merchants and militia of the outlying sectors. Their main enemies and, ironically, their main source of income were the pirates. The law of supply and demand in all its glory.
But one day everything had changed. Rising tensions in the border sectors and mass uprisings led to an unexpected alliance between the Federation and the Delta Shipyards’. The Federation did not want to lose the colonies, and the Shipyards did not want to lose income. The first fruit of this incredible union was “Duke”. The Federation’s premium aircraft carrier “Baron”, adored by high-ranking officers for its stunning combination of firepower and luxury, fell into the hands of the Delta shipbuilders. Working on the basic hull of the Baron, the Delta shipbuilders decided, as expected, to abandon all aesthetics in favor of brute force. And they succeed in it. The Dukes became the terror of all forces disloyal to the Federation. And the infamous Broadsword line of cruisers released afterward helped to drown the uprisings in blood.
Following these events, the Delta Shipyards became the official mass shipbuilder for the Galactic Federation. And woe to the one who dares to challenge this monstrous alliance…

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