January 31

👨‍🚀 Commanders! The HQ has made changes to the Clan Bosses (CB) mode. They are already function starting from this February season. Let’s take a look at them.

🗯 The Health of all Bosses has been increased. The health of the first CB has been increased by 200,000 HP. The health of the second CB has been increased by 600,000 HP. The health of the third CB has been increased by 500,000 HP. The health of the last fourth CB has been increased by 1,000,000 HP. Thus, here are the new Health values for all bosses.

  • First CB Health value – 500 000.
  • Second CB Health value – 1 500 000.
  • Third CB Health – 3 000 000.
  • Fourth CB Health – 5 000 000.

🗯 The activation cost in Clan Credits has been reduced for all CB. The cost in Celestium remains the same.

  • Activation cost for the first CB: 3000 instead of 4000.
  • Activation cost for the second CB: 6500 instead of 8000.
  • Activation cost for the third CB: 8500 instead of 10000.
  • Activation cost for the fourth CB: 27000 instead of 30000.

🗯 All CB now have new builds.

🗯 Extra battles on CB no longer require Celestium. Only Boss Keys are needed, which can be obtained from the clan shop. For the first extra battle, 1 Boss Key will be needed, and for the second extra battle – 2 Boss Keys.

🗯 The Boss Key is now available for purchase every week instead of every month. Its cost has increased from 500 to 700 Like Coins. The cost in Celestium remains the same.

🗯 The Boss Key is available for purchase as a gift in the clan shop. It can be bought every week for 1000 Like Coins and 125 Celestium.

🗯 The CB game mode and Key descriptions have been updated.

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