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April 07

Developer response to player suggestions.

What we will talk about today:

– an indication of changes in the percentage of the drop of galaxies;

– the influence of the speed of the ship when calculating damage from a rocket;

– Adding the DPS parameter to the weapon description;

– and a few other questions.

  1. Add available blueprints information to the store to make it clear for which ship it is.

    👾D: we received a lot of feedback from the players on this issue. Therefore, we have already planned to change the type of display of information about blueprints. We hope that in one of the next updates the changes will be implemented.

  2. Add the DPS parameter to the weapon module parameters.

    👾D: in fact, such an indicator is already present in the game, but it has different names depending on the type of weapon module. For example, for laser modules, this parameter is damage. In other cases, damage and fire rate parameters are displayed. More detailed changes to these parameters have not yet been planned.

  3. When creating a ship build, modules that are protected by the shield should be allocated. Sometimes the modules are located on the edge of the shield, in such cases, it is not possible to make an unambiguous conclusion.

    👾D: the suggestion is pretty good and fair. We will try to consider in more detail the possibility of implementing such an idea and look for ways to implement this as conveniently and informatively as possible.

  4. I would like to see detailed information from developers about changes in the percentage of the drop of galaxies and awards in them.

    👾D: the issue of providing such information is already being considered. Perhaps in future updates, we will already add a display of specific drop chance values.

  5. It will be correct if the shipโ€™s flight speed was taken into account as damage from the projectile. If the ship’s speed is high, then 1 unit is added to the damage from the projectile.

    👾D: within the framework of the existing mechanics in the game, we do not really understand how the speed of the ship should affect the damage from missiles. It is unlikely that we will implement this.

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