3.15.1 update is out
June 17

👨‍🚀 Commanders! The HQ has released a new update 3.15.1. Now it’s available to all Commanders. Let’s take a detailed look at all the changes.

Arena Economy

For a long time, the HQ has been collecting feedback from Commanders regarding the limit-breaking and upgrading system for modules and ships. There were frequent situations where a Commander couldn’t upgrade or limit-break a parameter due to numerous consecutive failed attempts. We have listened to these complaints. In the new version, we have revamped the randomness system which concerns upgrades of the parameters of modules and ships. The HQ has kept the details of the new randomness system confidential. However, we can confirm that now the success rate increases after each failed upgrade or limit-break attempt. This rule applies to all modules and ships. If you’ve been saving Credits, chips, Limit Breakers, and blueprints, now is the time to use them and become stronger.

Game Modes

The HQ held several Anomalies with different shops and collected feedback from Commanders. Based on your suggestions and remarks, we reviewed the prices of Anomalies lots and reduced the number of battles. Here we explained the changes in detail. Additional changes may be made in the future. Share your impressions and stay tuned in our Discord server.

Here are screenshots of one of the reworked Anomalies shop variants.

Also, there was a feature for some veteran Commanders to skip opponents in Ranking Battle game mode via watching ads. It was removed.

Modules and Ships

The HQ added a new module – Vulcan Cannon BM1. Commanders can obtain this module as a reward for completing Sector 0 in Campaigns. New Commanders must consider extra reactors – this module consumes more energy than the standard Vulcan Cannon. However, it has increased damage and range stats. It may become handy at the beginning! We took a holocopy of its parameters specifically for the Commanders.

Stats of the new Vulcan BM1 Cannon module


Do you have the Lightning fighter in your hangar? Then you can forget about ranked battle penalties! This ship no longer goes into repair after a loss. By the way, the ship has a new base skin. According to the intergalactic color palette, it is an “aggressive-elegant red” one.

New Lightning base skin



The HQ staff has been working on the appearance of the Arena. First and foremost, we have redesigned the main game mode interfaces. We added hints and descriptions of rewards. For example, in the Ranking Battle mode, Commanders can see the maximum rewards in experience and Credits for defeating a specific opponent. This mode also features a new opponent search window.

Here is another piece of good news for those just starting their journey as a Commander. We have reworked the tutorial. Now, Commanders are greeted by the charming and mysterious Nea. Who she is and how she appeared in the Arena remains a mystery for now. But she is already helping newcomers get settled!

Nea is already giving out tips in the hangar


Have you noticed unfamiliar microchips in the module upgrade window? Don’t worry! The HQ has changed the icons for regular and overclocking, so-called golden chips. The old chips have been sent for recycling.

The HQ also updated the design of the Offline battles Window, which is used for battles automatically conducted in the absence of the Commander.

See you at the Arena!

– Intergalactic HQ

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