Why do developers need 3-D ship models?
June 10


Recently, you have been asking questions about why developers take the time to create 3-D ship models when in the game they are anyway presented in a 2-D format?

Today we are ready to share the answer💬 to this question.

-These 3-D models are designed to increase the visual attractiveness of ships and more correct physical interaction of the image of the ship with light during the battle.

-Initially (before the restyling of the first models), all ships were drawn manually.

But in order to make the game look more modern and correct, each ship was made in 3-D format anew, and its graphics in the game were replaced with a new one.

-The design of the ship begins with its creation in the form of a 3D model, after which it is drawn in a top view with all three-dimensional details and the so-called altitude map.

-Since the ships are displayed in the game only from above, the image with the altitude map is placed on a 2D model, after which we get an improved image of the ship.

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