Which ship models these fragments belong to?
August 31

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

Another HQ colonization expedition finished just the other day. Same as last time, during the exploration of the Icy moon that was found, the HQ Research Team came across some spaceship wrecks. The discoveries were seriously damaged, and lots of components of details were missing. HQ staff is already working on investigating the accident with the ships and identifying the fragments.

👽 Our HQ research team needs the brainiest Commanders once again! Here are the 3D copies of the ship fragments made by one of the WarTech Systems special scanners. Help us to find out which ship models these fragments belong to. Your findings will speed things up!

And here is the deadline set up by the HQ staff – September 7.

Good luck doing some research, Commanders!

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