Weekly Digest, October, Week 3
October 15

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 My holographic assistant politely informed me that today is Friday. And do you know what it means? Exactly, an issue of fresh Weekly digest and the news of the week!

👨‍💻 Let’s start with the most important. The development team is considering introducing ways to add some activity to the battles. In order to find out which mechanics look the most interesting (and would not ruin game features), we have made a poll. You can vote and influence future development here.

🌌 Seventh issue of the “SpaceMyths” segment has been published. This time we decided to double-check the myth regarding the quality of the loot dropped from the Coordinates. And made a final conclusion. More Galaxies were explored to get a reliable and clear picture.

💡 On Tuesday we shared with the Commanders branded images for their smartphones. Each Commander can download an image of a suitable format and put it on his splash screen. As I mentioned before, I already managed to get myself an amazing Oblivion Arc background c:
Take a look if you haven’t done it yet.

👾 Those who have been with us for a long time are probably aware of the adventures of the Brave Commander. And this week we have released the Grand Finale of the Brave Commander adventures at the Abandoned Research Station “Galaxy”! We invite everyone to check it out on their social platforms.

📚 We continue the “How to” segment, where we help Commanders to learn how to work with different features in the format of visual guides. This time, we told you everything about the winstreak system.
Important note: this feature becomes available starting from 1000 ranking points.

💬 Commanders! The middle of October already reigns behind your doorsteps, and soon the yellow leaves will be replaced by a white veil that will cover everything around. And for some – earlier than for others. For example, not far from my haven it was already snowing. In the meantime, it is Spring and soon it will be Summer in the southern hemisphere. And what kind of weather prevails in your area? I am also happy to remind you that this week we have been accompanied by the Anomalies event, tell us how your progress this time? Are you planning to win the well-deserved first place at your levels? 😉

🔶 I also would like to remind you: our Team is always glad to hear your suggestions for the community and answer your questions!

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