Weekly Digest, October, Week 2
October 08

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

The calendar on my computer shows me it’s already Friday. That means it’s time to tell you the news of this outgoing week. Yes-yes, that’s right – Serg is here, and I brought another Weekly Digest issue!

👨‍💻 The Facebook issues led to the in-game friends disappearing for a certain period of time. Right now the problem is solved. If friends did not come back to your account, try to relogin to Facebook in the Settings section.

💡 New post of the Trivia segment was published, where Commanders have an opportunity to test their knowledge of various aspects of Space Arena’s gameplay. This time the question was difficult and unique indeed! All experienced Commanders just have to try to give a correct answer.

👾 Also, how about advanced level? Can you find a solution to the Thirteen Devices problem? If you can do it, you are not only an insightful Commander but a sharp and big-time engineer c:

📖 Another issue of the traditional Encyclopedia segment was published. This week’s letter was the letter M again, and we spoke about the third and latest weapon type in the game – Missiles. This issue will become handy for those Commanders who are only starting out on the road of Arena conquering.

💬 Serg: Commanders! So, October is already here, and those warm sunny days are behind. It’s time for falls of paulownia leaves and nimbostratus clouds that spread on the horizon like a canvas. And, of course, how can I not play Space Arena during well-earned rest with a mug of tea/coffee? For example, I finally bought OP Arcfusion Array and completed the fifth campaign sector. A piece of cake!

And how do you spend your leisure time these days? Conquering Arena too? Or you rather play in something else? Oh, I came up with an interesting idea! Let’s share your favorite games and resupply each other’s compendium с:My favorite ones are Fallout: New Vegas, TES 4: Oblivion, and L.A. Noire.

🔶 And don’t forget: the team is always ready to hear your game-related suggestions and answer your questions! Send them directly to one of the community managers.

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