Weekly Digest, October, Week 1
October 04

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Today is Friday and I’m happy to greet it with you and introduce a fresh Weekly digest!

👨‍💻 To the development news: the problem with Facebook and friends list has been successfully resolved. The author of this digest is especially happy since now a huge amount of resources has been freed up to create interesting content and communicate with the community c:

🔬 Another issue of the traditional segment “In Touch With Devs” was released. This time, we collected and answered questions regarding the modules upgrading system, Junk Launcher, penetrating damage mechanics, Anomalies event and Galaxies loot. You can get acquainted here.

🤓 Another Riddle was published. In this entertaining segment, you can test your analytical thinking skills and try to solve a small poetic riddle behind which the name of one of the ships is hidden.

And the correct answer for this time was Valkyrie!

📖 Let’s explain each line:

Artifact of ancient times – Valkyrie-type helmet with wings on the sides, also the image of Brunhilda in the “Flight of the Valkyrie” – created huge myth regarding Vikings had horns on its sides.

One from myths of elder tribes – Valkyrie – a mythical creature from old Norseman myths, Slavs had this image as well. Also, Valkyrie Brunhilda is a character in the medieval poem by an unknown author, “The Song of the Nibelungs”.

Find thirteen to get it plenty – the number of Valkyries in myths differs from 9 to 13, but we know around 30 different names and versions, so, knowing that it has been 13 of them leads to plenty of additional questions.

Twice the sum will get you twenty – ship has 37 cells, so just sum 3 and 7 and double it – you get 20 😉

👾 We continue to share various game materials with you, this week we presented to your attention 3D models of some ships from the game.
You can face the beautiness here.

💬 Commanders! In the near future, another event awaits us, this time – Anomalies. Tell me, are you are looking forward to it, do you have enough time to prepare for the event? Personally, I can’t wait to participate in Anomalies, I’m really eager to try out new tactics and builds. And what about you?

Share your news! 🙂

🔶 I also would like to remind you: our Team is always glad to hear your suggestions for the community and answer your questions!

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