Weekly Digest, November, Week 3
November 19

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Serg is here. There is no time to explain, let’s move to the weekly digest!

👽 A new contest has started, within each Commander have an opportunity to try his hand at word ladders. Complicated, isn’t it? But, believe me, the reward is worth it! Here is the link to the contest.
And hurry up, the results will be announced the next week!

👾 The team (and me especially) got curious: how do ideas regarding ship builds come across Commanders’ minds? We decided to hold a small poll, and you can take a part in it! Link to the poll.

💬 Commanders! Despite that there were not so many events in the community – we got some significant changes in the Space Arena! We will tell about it in more detail a little bit later, but we feel like we need to describe them at least briefly today.
So, the closed beta test of the new 3.1 version started yesterday for those Commanders, who had already taken part in the closed beta test in the past. And I am glad to announce that the OPEN beta test stage has started today! Each Commander with an Android-based device may download a new version and check out the new changes and features. And believe me, there are too many of them so I simply don’t have enough place to describe them here!
If you want to play the 3.1 version, you need to go on the Space Arena page in the Google Play Market and sign up for the beta program. In case you face any difficulties doing so – please, feel free to contact any of the community managers. We will be glad to provide our help!

And here are a couple of questions to Commanders who have been lucky enough to look through the new update already. Which changes/new features do you like the most? How do you like our new Galaxy map? Perhaps, you have faced some problems/bugs during the gameplay? Feel free to tell us!

Until then, I will be playing the new game mode myself, hehe.

Also, make sure you have checked the in-game e-mail box! You may find some presents there c:

By the way, did you know that Space Arena has its own Instagram and TikTok pages with some unique content? No? Well, now you know a little bit more. Here are the links:

See you at the Arena, Commanders! And don’t forget to check our Instagram and TikTok!

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