Weekly Digest, February, Week 3
February 18

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 The calendar shows Friday, and everyone knows what that means. So, without further introductions, we present you with traditional Digest. Start your engines; we are going on a tour of the events of the last week!

❤ The week started with a beautiful and sweet holiday, Valentine’s Day. We hope that each of you created some warm memories on this day.

✔ Over the weekend, we managed to complete the First Challenge of the Community Event and had a decent number of battles. And by Tuesday, our Community also completed the Second Challenge. Great job! At the moment, the Third Challenge is ongoing, which means that time to spend some credits has come. Press it on, Commanders!

👾 This week, what we have been waiting for so long has happened. Clan Wars has been released. The first round of the season’s wars has already ended, and the first leaders have entered the season’s ranking tables. And even though the launch was somewhat delayed, this did not prevent the various clans from meeting on the battlefield.

❗ And today, we have another portion of important information on the Clan Wars: it was decided to slightly change the bonuses for the Defense Fleet. Now they are 25% for the Total Module Health and 10% for the Total Module Damage, while previously, it was only 1% for the Total Module Damage. Beware, Commanders, opponents have become even deadlier!

🔬 The next issue of the “In touch with Devs” segment has been released. This time, we collected and answered questions regarding the missiles, Point Defense Turret range, Melee Fusion Turret mechanics, Armor and Reflect parameters, and Warp Drive features.

🥳 The results of the last contest have been summed up. Thanks to the Commanders tips, the arrived technics group from another department managed to open the right door and enter the HQ Currencies Vault. Once again, we congratulate those Commanders whose intuition helped accurately Identify the right door. For the rest, we encourage you not to let despair have you and wish you the best of luck in future contests!

📖 A few hours ago, another issue of our beloved Encyclopedia was released. This time we have a little story for you about the creation of the PSS series. Happy reading, commanders!

💬 So, our tour has come to an end. Be careful when exiting the cabin, and do not wet the Space Gremlins. They are already encroaching on our Clan Wars. And, of course, if you encounter bugs created by them – please let us know! This will help us quickly communicate information to the development team and fix the problem.

See you at the Arena, Commanders!

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