Weekly Digest, 12/05/2023
December 05

👨‍🚀 We’ve finally acclimatized after the recent flight to Pluto and are ready to release the digest of last week. Cool, isn’t it?

👨‍💻 Cyber Monday happened even in space. We hope all Commanders managed to get the cyberpunk-like skin for Kronos. As they once said in the Trading Sector of the HQ : “A cool skin for cool Commanders.” Sounds strange, but overall, we agree with that.

👽 The HQ doesn’t have time to review all the works that Commanders send us! It’s time to create an HQ Expert Committee of the Creativity… This time we saw many different skin concepts from Commander GL HF.

⚙ Seeing the results of the Trivia, we were surprised. It turns out not all Arena veterans knew the correct answer to the question about the maximum cost of resetting Daily Deals in the shop. Maybe this information will come in handy for you someday. Anything can be expected in the Arena.

🎉 Together with the Commanders, we celebrated 7 years of vibrant life in the Arena. Although the Arena itself has existed for centuries, its power and splendor have only recently been realized. And all thanks to you, Commanders. Thanks to every gladiator and engineer! We will continue to delight you with innovations and changes.

🌌 Admit it, you didn’t expect the last community event mission to be like this? A couple of Commanders are already close to decipher the correct answer by studying the riddle. Can you solve it completely? Check our Discord community!

👾 The season results in the Arena are in. We are pleasantly surprised to see new faces among the most agile and clever Commanders. We were also glad to see a new leader on the leaderboard. We’re talking about [TFF]HaVoK. This Commander reached the first place for the first time and was insanely happy about it. As he recently told the Headquarters, “it was very hard.” Well, let him rest. And we’ll keep an eye on the successes of other Commanders who give hope.

🚀 Several hundred Commanders have already bought the trial ship Moth. Lucky ones, tell us in the comments how you like the novelty?

▪ BNCW episodes. “Who reads them at all?” someone asks. “At least the winners of the last war this season do,” we answer! And here they are: TFF, Dominus, Fallout, KCCO, AofA, КосмоФлот, YourFace.

👉 Commanders! This is the last Weekly Digest. From now on, we will talk about events at the end of each month. Let’s see if you appreciate such a change.

And here’s an inside info fro, the HQ. We are preparing to release the last, 3.13 update this year. There will be something new in it. All clans, get ready…

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