Weekly Digest, 11/27/2023
November 27

👨‍🚀 Through our viewports, HQ observed Earth beginning to be blanketed in snow. Initially, we thought about the misfortune of Earthlings with nature. Then, we remembered the times we faced deadly asteroid showers. Oh well, let’s dive into the Digest of the past week!

👨‍💻 Version 3.12 has finally been released. A new galactic carrier, the ancient pre-Arena weapon Kronos, has arrived in the Arena. Alongside it, Commanders received a reworked limit-breaking system. The HQ is already considering in which modes to add additional Limit Breakers. We are ready to hear the suggestions from Commanders regarding where they would like to see them as rewards.

🌌 Thought we forgot about the Discord community event? Not at all! Commanders remember that Agent TACO successfully completed the last mission. We’re already preparing a brief report on the mission for the new HQ Agent. Stay tuned for updates. Any guesses on what the last mission might be? For those who missed it, check our Discord server.

▪ Reminding the winners of the last BNCW episode: TheFinalFrontier, the second Xaoc roster, Dominus, KCCO, ShadowReavers, the main Xaoc roster, AofA.

⚙ This time, the shop featured a plethora of different offers: 1000 chips for 8,99 $; the new galactic carrier Kronos and 25 blueprints for it for 29,99 $; 50 blueprints for Kronos for 19,99 $; 10,000,000 Credits for 1499 Celestium; 2,500,000 Credits for 449 Celestium; Celestium bundles on -60% sale.

👾 We got mixed opinions regarding the last Grind Time. We would say they were rather negative. However, all Commanders will probably agree that it was the most discussed event in the last six months. We are already studying the statistics and feedback from Commanders while simultaneously planning the next Grind Time.

🚀 It might sound strange, but we really enjoy summarizing results of the Discord Anomalies predicting event. All 25 Commanders received their rewards and await the next Anomalies to showcase their skills!

👽 Let’s end on a positive note, focusing on the creativity of the Commanders. This time, we had skins’ concepts from Commander GLHF, Kronos artwork from Commander MajorIssues and meme from Commander [TFF] Rattlesnake.

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