Weekly Digest, 11/07/2023
November 07

‍ It’s already Tuesday, and no Weekly Digest? MrBeast, buy us a new Time-Turner please! Ours is in repairs. He said no? Well, we’ll fix it the old-fashioned way.

So, a new Discord community event has begun ⁠called HQ Management. We voted for Agent Jill and how she should handle the mission’s emergency situation. We’re waiting for the results today. Everything will be fine! Probably…

The HQ hopes that Commanders managed to get a few Celestium bundles during the x3 Sale. You can never have too much Celestium at the Arena!

Alongside that, Commanders had the possibility to purchase an offer 1,000,000 Credits for 170 Celestium. We increased the number of possible purchases for this offer from 5 to 10 times. It seems this can definitely be considered one of the best offers for the intergalactic community.

▪ The Arena wouldn’t be the Arena without Clan Wars. By the way, here are the winners of the latest clan war: TheFinalFrontier, Unity, Dominus, Anomaly, YourFace, КосмоФлот, Xaoc Main Roster, Вольные Капитаны.

We’ve finished the polls about the best ships within the ship classes, and now we’re summing up the results. Very soon, a contest will be held where Commanders will have to come up with builds for the ships that have been chosen as the best ones within these polls.

This time, Commanders’ artworks was dedicated to Halloween. We even came up with a slogan for this week’s creativity: “We go for quality, not quantity.” All thanks to these Commanders: say kid amogus backwards, MajorIssues, FRMünster, [GROM] Baludun, Burn, Aze123, RabbleSupreme, UFOSPACEMAN, mace975, ༺ ༻, draconith, Snandvich{SER}, [TFF] RÌVÉT. And by the way, Pumpkin contest results will be announced today on our Discord server.

‍ Also, some of us managed to take part in Trivia Murder Party. It was both spooky and fun! Join our Discord community to take part in the next Party.

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