Weekly Digest, 10/17/2023
October 17

👨‍🚀 Are all your ships already being repaired? Well, it happens. The HQ will ease your wait with this Digest of last week’s events.

👾 The week started with new offers in the store. We will try to delight Commanders more often with various offers. After all, Halloween and Black Friday are just around the corner!

🌌 The Commanders’ balance has become less, but the ships and modules have become more powerful. Yes, you understood it correctly. The Grind Time event has passed. Share your successes, which parameters you were able to upgrade, and what rewards you collected from the store. The HQ staff bought chips and success blocks only. Without them, there’s no way to survive on the Arena!

⚙ Finally, 3.11 update was released. Although there was only one change this time, it will definitely affect all Commanders and the order on the Arena. We are talking about the new module, EMP Launcher. Who has managed to upgrade this module already?

👽 The HQ thanks every Commander who supplied the intergalactic community with a new batch of memes and creativity: The_German, [DOM]VO\£$e, Т2.0, 〔R●S〕FR Addict.

▪ How unfortunate that clan wars cannot be loaded into the special virtual reality simulators at HQ. Commanders could practice common flight and attack errors. Oh well. Here’s the list of the winners of the last clan war: Unity, Dominus, TheFinalFrontier, YourFace, КосмоКот, HYDE, Czech_Republic, ArianeFR, КосмоФлот, BurnToDeft.

💡 We’ve summed up the September Clan War Season results. Rewards for achievements in clan wars have already been sent to all members of the three mentioned clans: Fallout, Escape-Velocity, and Звёзданутые. A small thing but pleasant.

🔬 Along the way, Commanders could try their hand at data decoding. Arena’s top players and veterans have long mastered a special slang and abbreviations. HQ once published a Commander’s Dictionary with frequently used words and phrases that can be heard on the Arena. Theory is good, but practice is indispensable. The first two messages turned out to be quite easy. However, never relax. The next encoded messages will make even experienced Commanders racking their brains.

🚀 Once again, Commanders had to dive into Anomalies, predicting their positions in the community event. These events wouldn’t be so exciting without the help of our Commanders, who shared ship schematics. HQ introduced the ships in advance. You had the opportunity to ride ships thanks to these Commanders: Cardisitor, EnderRobo, sharky, ButteredToasty. Well-deserved 300 Celestium to each! The rewards are already on the Commanders’ accounts.

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