Weekly Digest, 09/27/2023
September 27

👨‍🚀 “Where’s the Space Arena event digest?” – you ask. “Here it is!” – the HQ responds.

⚙ According to the feedback we received on our Discord server, most Commanders enjoyed the recent Anomalies with modules upgraded to 40/40. The HQ will take note of this fact…

▪ Remember the winners of the last Clan Wars by heart? We don’t. Good thing they’re listed in the BNCW episodes, right? Here are the clans who won last war: Blackhole, TFF, YourFace, ShipFaced, Dominus, Main Xaoc Roster, Free Captains, Second Xaoc Roster, Pain&Gain, Crashers.

👾 The HQ have revealed what door was correct in ⁠contests. Lucky guessers who chose the right door can expect 300,000 Credits. Resources in space are never too many.

👨‍💻 So, the Grind Time event has ended. Commanders, how many points did you manage to earn approximately? Did you claim the desired rewards from the event shop?

💡 The HQ has updated the guide for Commanders-newcomers on how to complete the Epic Engineer Challenge (EEC) event. Remember that this event appears even after resetting your account progress.

🚀 How did you like the last trial ship, Kite, with lasers? The HQ received several reviews from Commanders. Quoting: “Overall, not a bad little ship, but there are poorly protected areas on the main ship.” Well, every ship should have both strong and weak points. That’s the key to Arena balance.

🌌 The results of predictions in the Anomalies have already been announced. Since the community event was dedicated to pirates this time, the rewards were exclusive. Let’s thank the cosmic pirates who voluntarily and involuntarily contributed resources to the HQ’s Fund.

👽 Don’t forget to check memes of the last week! They are perfect.

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