Weekly Digest, 09/03/2023
September 03

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders! While you were engaged in your recent Anomaly battles, the HQ was preparing the Weekly Digest. It’s time to read it.

👽 This week, Commanders saw the works of [DOM]VO\£$e. Commander jaimd even decided to break his own record for unboxing Galaxy Coordinates. In the video, he opened 1012 Galaxies. We can only imagine how powerful his modules and ships have become now…

▪ Let’s remember the winners of the last Clan Wars BNCW episode: TheFinalFrontier, Blackhole, Anomaly, YourFace, the main Хаос squad, KCCO, ShipFaced, Fallout.

👾 The HQ conducted another intergalactic tactic drill. Commanders who was on duty were able to receive rewards. We look forward to the next drill!

💡 As always, the HQ shared some insights about the ships for the upcoming Anomalies. We noticed that some Commanders asked for smaller ships than the galactic carriers. So be it. This time, the Anomaly ships were from the Supecarrier and Battleship classes.

🌌 Following the ships, the HQ launched a special Anomalies Discord event for predicting the final position of the event. We hope you had a chance to participate.

👨‍💻 In the end, we talked about the changes in the latest 3.10.2 version. The update was mostly technical in nature. However, we are already preparing to celebrate an important day and plan to delight all Commanders.

⚠ ANOMALY IN THE DIGEST! The HQ staff sends 200 Celestium to Commanders meggarox, ButteredToasty, and MelodyMonNyaMW.. Their ships, suggested for the Anomalies, were surely appreciated by Commanders.

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