Weekly Digest, 09/02/2022
September 02

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Weekly Digest time! And we have good news to tell you. Today our eldest HQ Digital Protection sector employee turns 63 years old and his name’s Michael! He has had an extraordinary career: repelled lots of pirates’ cyber attacks, and made lots of special “turnkey” software for high officials and government. But here comes the impressive part. He still codes using… Pascal. Yeah, THAT PASCAL. He’s using only this IDE for 45 years and nothing else… Well, you know what? I think we should fire him. Nevertheless, let’s get started!

🤓 New Encyclopedia issue was published! This time HQ lifted the curtain of secrecy and revealed HQ staff identities. Well, not completely, of course. I mean, you should check this issue!

👨‍💻 HQ managed to answer some questions within the traditional In Touch With Devs segment. The questions concerned the fusion-type laser weapons features, Turn on/off sounds feature development, Clan War trophies reset system, the Blueprints trade feature, contribution tokens, and the possibility to transfer the in-game progress.

👾 It’s like HQ staff can’t live a single day without incident! During the colonization expedition, the HQ Research Team came across some spaceship wrecks. Help the HQ to figure out which ship models these fragments belong to. But make haste! We have only five days left…

🎲 The results of the win-win Lottery called Lucky Spin were summed up! Make sure you have checked the list of winners. Who knows, maybe you find your nickname in the list of the lucky ones.

💬 So, Commanders! According to the info provided by the HQ Esoteric sector (don’t even know why we have THIS sector), autumn is a decent time to set some kind of ambitious goal for yourself. Perhaps you are already motivated enough to read a book you have wanted to read for a long time, do sports everyday, or even succeed in a new occupation. And what about you get at this stuff from a different, let’s say… cosmic angle? No, really. Set a special Space Arena-related goal and share it in our Discord server! When November will end, HQ will ask Commanders once again if they managed to complete the goal or if something got in their way.

Hold on, breaking news from the HQ. Picking up the message. HQ to report: our Discord server soon will lose its Nitro boost! Apart from anything else, that means Commanders won’t be able to use most of their favorite emojis anymore. Commanders, if there are any philanthropists among you who are willing to give HQ a hand – please contact our community managers!

And that’s all for today, Commanders! See you all at the Arena!

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