Weekly Digest, 08/26/2023
August 26

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders! It’s already Saturday if your ship’s hardware is lagging. It’s time to talk about the SA events of this week.

▪ The HQ advises Commanders to closely monitor the BNCW episodes of Clan Wars this season. The leaders can change in the blink of an eye due to the slightest mistake. If you’re aware of this and play your battles well, you might just take their place. And here are the winners of the latest clan wars: TheFinalFrontier, YourFace, HYDE, BurnToDeft, Dominus, FlameToDeft, Anomaly, GROM, Rogue•Squadron, Space_Pirates.

🚀 A new powerhouse has appeared on the Arena – the trial ship Resorc. Commander player3645 designed this ship, and it comes with some fitting bonuses!

👽 What’s space without works of art? These Commanders showcased their creations to the galactic community: Andyy, [DOM]MasterTog, and Lahezis.

👾 While we were summing up the results of the special Anomalies challenge, we noticed something. Around 125 Commanders predicted their ranks in total. It seems like the challenge resonated with many Commanders. The HQ is considering how to make it even more interesting.

👨‍💻 In the last Trivia, the HQ tested the Commanders’ knowledge of unique module bonuses. Overall, a large portion of Commanders demonstrated a high level of theoretical preparation. It’s time for us to prepare a mathematical Trivia…

⚠ For now, let’s talk about the Anomalous achievements of some Commanders:

First and foremost, the HQ wanted to clarify. We recently announced the results of the Space Swap Meet event and made an error. It turns out, that the deal with the largest amount of Celestium belongs to Commander Ilya Sotnikov aka siberian_beast! In one deal, he exchanged his 19,220 Celestium for 8000 chips, 17 100% Success Units, 18 90% Success Units, 13 80% Success Units, 26 70% Success Units, 63 60% Success Units, and 1260 Achilles blueprints.

You’ve all seen the prototype ship Resorc by Commander player3645. Undoubtedly, this work of engineering art deserves a reward of 300 Celestium.

Let’s talk separately about Commander Ratibor Borakovsky aka змея! This Commander introduced six complete ships for Anomalies in a week! While the HQ’s staff study their forms and select modifiers for them, we’ll award the Commander 300 Celestium. We’re confident that one of these ships will surely make an appearance in the Arena one day!

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