Weekly Digest, 08/08/2023
August 08

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

The meteor showers around the HQ’s orbit have finally ceased. It’s high time to release the Weekly Digest of the past week.

👽 We’ve received some excellent works at the HQ! All thanks to these Commanders: [HYDE]EndSiege and [Blackhole] DaEmiel. Also, HQ has to mention MrK and his Twin ship which Commanders can observe now in the in-game shop. We can’t just leave you without the reward. So, 300 Celestium is already on your account. Enjoy yourself!

▪ The HQ continues to provide the galactic community with BNCW episodes. And here are the winners of the penultimate battle: TheFinalFrontier, Blackhole, Dominus, YourFace, BurnToDeft, AofA, Руссич, GROM, Parkan.

👾 The winners of the Giveaway are finally known. The HQ will soon send all rewards to winners. We will notify you once it’ll be done in ⁠our Discord server. Congratulations once again!

⚙ HQ to report. We’ve carefully reviewed each of your suggestions within the Fix The Build segment. There were many conflicting suggestions. However, the HQ’s council has unanimously reached the following decision. And it is as follows… This ship with this kind of build is not reliable at all!

👨‍💻 We hope you managed to secure a couple of Celestium bundles with the x3 bonus. Right now, Celestium is the ruler of the world, and it alone.

🚀 The HQ reports: the results of the Special Anomalies Challenge soon will be summed up. As usual, we’ll notify you once it’ll be done.

And see you on the Arena, Commanders!

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