Weekly Digest, 07/08/2022
July 08

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Digests… They are everywhere… And here is another one! Well, let’s see what happened in the Commanders’ community during this week.

👾 The week has started with some good news. Of course, we are talking about the long-waited Grind Time event! HQ staff hopes you have accumulated a decent stockpile of Credits and chips. Believe us, you are going to need them!

❓ We also decided to spare some time for the educational content. Within our regular Trivia segment, we asked Commanders another tricky question. By the way, you may check the correct answer – it’s already published in our socials!

🚀 Another Commander contacted the HQ recently and asked for help. He purchased a discounted ship at the Intergalactic Auction in the pursuit of saving (Phantom Mk2 model to be exact). And guess what? The build of the ship turned out to be … quite specific. Or should we say terrible? Well, never mind. HQ staff decided to gather an engineering conference once again to help Commander to improve the build. Don’t forget to take part in it and give your expert assessment!

💬 Commanders! Grind Time is in full swing right now. Almost all Commanders are immersed in the endless cycle of wasting resources and obtaining the event points. Tell us, how many points have you managed to earn? What rewards have you already purchased? And yes, don’t be afraid of sharing all of your thoughts regarding the current Grind Time in our Discord community. HQ staff will gladly read all of them while chilling between the grind sessions… Ooopsie, I mean, between the work tasks!

See you soon all at the Arena, Commanders!

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