Weekly Digest, 07/03/2023
July 03

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Last week was eventful, as you will agree after reading this digest.

👨‍💻 Let’s start with a small survey by the HQ. We are curious to know at what time you are most active at our Discord community. Please vote in polls. It will help us ensure that the maximum number of Commanders see the news.

🌌 Have you seen the prototype ship Dozer? What do you think of its design and bonuses? Maybe some of you have even acquired this engineering masterpiece? Share your experience of flying with Dozer.

▪ And, of course, we can’t do without BNCW issues. The winners of the recent wars are: TheFinalFrontier, КосмоФлот, ShipFaced, Koreans, Хаос (second squad), Pain&Gain-DE, WARP, Blackhole, Dominions, ShadowReavers.

🔬Recently, the HQ announced a new module that will appear in the upcoming 3.10 version of the game in ⁠our social media accounts. Many Commanders have guessed the purpose of this module. We won’t hesitate to say that such a module can completely change the current meta of weapons.

⚠ Another Anomaly in the digest! As the HQ staff discovered, it was Commander who came up with the design of the Dozer ship. We cannot overlook this fact and leave the Commander without a reward. The Headquarters has decided to send 300 Celestium to the Commander’s account. Pretty cool, right?

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