Weekly Digest, 06/13/2023
June 14

👨‍🚀 Commanders!

💡 Here’s the new digest of last week. Full version, not beta!

👽 Commanders Т2.0, ThunderCat, SpaceFrog , and [SR]Vortex have enlightened the community with their works. Be sure to check them out!

👾 So many Commanders participated in the intergalactic tactic drill. Tomorrow all Commanders will receive their rewards. Among these Commanders, you could be the next one! Stay tuned to know more about the next drill.

👨‍💻 The HQ provided a detailed description of the changes in 3.9.4. In short, the unique bonuses of Small Reactor and Warp Drive modules were changed as well as the Credits reward in Ships Competition mode.

▪ The Breaking News from the Clan Wars issue is cool. And two issues are even cooler! The winners of the latest summary are: TheFinalFrontier, Dominus, ShadowReavers, КосмоФлот, BurnToDeft, GROM, AofA, HYDE, KCCO, Nova_Empire, Domination, Impact, NeVeR, Звёзданутые, ВОЛЬНЫЕ•КАПИТАНЫ.

⚙ Commanders, confess, which of the four ships did you like in these Anomalies? And on which ship did you achieve the most victories?

🚀 While you reminisce about how you spent the Anomalies, we have good news for you. The HQ is almost finalizing the results of your predictions within the special event. We will announce the results in a separate post. If you haven’t done so yet, publish your final result of the Anomalies on ⁠our Discord server.

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