Weekly Digest, 04/29/2022
April 29

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Break your eyes away from the ship’s controls and take the cosmic devices out of your pockets – it’s time to read the newest Weekly Digest! Let’s look at what happened in the Commanders’ community during this week.

🔬 The week has begun with some good Development News. This time we have told you about the upcoming changes that will affect the seasons of Clan Wars. We advise you to read the full article!

👾 Also, the results of the special Easter event were summed up. Only the most attentive Commanders could accomplish this task. Let’s cheer for them!

👽 Apart from that, a Special Space Expedition had taken place. We had to find a unique planet called “New Eden” within this expedition”. And thanks to the efforts of all Commanders, the planet was discovered. Mission accomplished! All participants have received a special award – 20 AP.

🕵‍♂ Immediately after our Special Space Expedition, HQ staff decided to find out more about the traditional entertainment of the inhabitants of the New Eden. Of course, we are talking about the Space Rebus! We invite you to try to solve it. But be careful – this one is mind-shredding…

👨‍💻 Finally, another Trivia was published. Commanders can test their knowledge of various aspects of Space Arena’s gameplay within this segment. This time we have prepared a tough question. It is a perfect time to check the correct answer if you have already voted!

💬 Commanders! So, here comes May. It’s a great time for… Wait a minute. What do you personally think, Commanders? For what exactly? Share your thoughts in our Discord community. Let’s discuss it!

Well, we have to go now. We need to complete some dail… We mean, we need to do some important work, you know!
See you at the Arena, Commanders!

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