Weekly Digest, 03/31/2023
March 31

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 We have to start the digest with important news. Some Commanders may have had difficulties entering the Anomalies. The HQ has fixed the issue, so let’s play! Now, onto the news.

👨‍💻 We hope you have somehow celebrated the return of friends to the game. If not, be sure to do so!

❓ The HQ has announced a mysterious box. To be honest, some Commanders have already guessed what it will be…

▪ There was also traditional Breaking News from the Clan Wars issue. Congratulations to the winners of the previous and last war! You guys are awesome!

👾 And of course, Commanders could have studied the ships of these Anomalies in advance. Commanders can pilot both small and large ships in this event.

💬 Commanders! We invite you to participate in a small challenge related to Anomalies. You write in our Discord server what approximate place you plan to take in Anomalies leaderboards. Then, at the end of the event, you share your final results. Those Commanders who take the stated place or a close value to it will receive a small prize from the HQ!

Good luck!

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