Weekly Digest, 03/17/2023
March 17

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Here’s a joke generated by the HQ AI. Two Commanders meet after another battle in the Arena. One says to the other, “How’s your Centurion doing?” The other replies, “Not good. Forgot to turn on the defensive turrets before entering the asteroid field. Now it’s not a Centurion. It’s about 114 Light Fighters.” Well, and now to the Weekly digest!

👽 The work of Commanders DragoF1sh and TEN 2.0 turned out to be magnificent, you can’t argue with that.

▪ Let us remind you of the winners of the latest Breaking News from the Clan Wars 03/14/2023: Dominus, German-Fusion, КосмоФлот, TheFinalFrontier, Blackhole, YourFace, Casual~Falcons, ShipFaced.

👨‍💻 A video from the development of version 3.9 has surfaced online! Oh wait, we posted it ourselves. Well, never mind. The important thing is that Commanders were able to see a few upcoming changes in the game. The future holds even more…

🚀 These Anomalies’ ships are already waiting for the moment when Commanders will have their first Anomaly battles! It’s only a matter of moments now…

💬 By the way, about Anomalies. We suggest a small challenge for you. You write in our Discord channel what approximate place you plan to take in leaderboards. Then, at the end of the event, you share your final results in the same place. Those Commanders who take the declared place or a close value to it will receive a small prize from the HQ! Are you ready to compete?

See you in the Anomalies and in the Arena, Commanders!

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