Weekly Digest, 02/10/2023
February 11

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 During this week we discovered a strange spy balloon near the HQ. We managed to hit it only after 3 days though. As it turned out, the HQ spotter used the binoculars incorrectly all this time. For all 26 years of his service. Well. Yeah… Digest time?

🌌 We thank all Commanders for each provided suggestion and remark regarding the last Anomalies! The HQ will analyze the data soon.

👨‍💻 By the way, the HQ Analytical sector has made a horoscope for Aries for the current earthly year. This time the sector made a promise not to abandon the horoscopes segment. Or we will take away their last spacesuits. Forever.

👽 You have to admit that you were intrigued by the new trial ship called Labrys. A worthy opponent for the current galactic carriers. Someone even managed to acquire it in his or her hangar slot…

👾 Commanders got a chance to do their part in Anomalies by designing their ships. Are you curious? If so, check the full news!

💬 Commanders! We invite you to vote for the most interesting segment of this week. And we are looking forward to seeing your ships for Anomalies.

See you all at the Arena!

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