Weekly Digest, 02/03/2023
February 03

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Today HQ’s engineers have come up with a new module that allows Commanders to calculate the сhance of winning the Arena battle. However, the system could not identify the Light Fighter opponent’s ship during the tests. The display of the model said: “No danger detected”. Well, guess the module needs extra work. Or, maybe the HQ has to balance Light Fighter. Will see… But now, let’s read Digest news!

⚙ The HQ conducted a new Fleet Academy class! What do you think? Can you handle the advanced additional task?

👨‍💻 It became known which ships will be available for Commanders within this Anomalies event. All four represented ships were designed by the Commanders from our Discord server. Each Commander may suggest his masterpiece of engineering by visiting any of our social media accounts. The HQ will consider all ideas and add the best ones to the next Anomalies!

💬 So, Commanders! We do hope you have prepared properly for this event. Anomalies are about to begin.

Start your engines and head to the Arena!

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