Update 2.8 !
August 24

Long-awaited update 2.8, commanders!

You can read the Russian version here. 🇷🇺

Briefly about what changes were added by this update:

1)Changed the progressions of the probability of successful improvement of bonuses of ships and reduced their cost;

2) Added a new special ship Prophet and the first skin for it;

3) Rebalanced Oblivion Ark in order to strengthen it;

4) Rebalanced K4-8U7O in order to strengthen it;

5) The event “Anomalies”  has been improved;

6) Added two additional ship slots  for purchase;

7) Updated graphics for ships Crusader and Warrior.

Description of the most important changes.

1)Added a change in the progression of the probability of successful improvement of ship bonuses and a decrease in their cost.

That’s right, commanders! Now the chances of a successful upgrade of ship bonuses will not drop at the same fast rate, and the cost of each such upgrade will be lower than the previous one.

This change applies to all ships.

Therefore, we suggest you open Space Arena and look at new progressions and their cost for each ship you are interested in.



2) Added a new ship Prophet and the first skin* for it.


This is a ship with one of the most interesting origin stories, as it was created by a player from our community. A ship that, during development, appeared before us even in the Minecraft universe.


Meet the new galactic carrier – Prophet:


-a special level 58 ship that can be unlocked for blueprints. Since the ship is special, players with a lower game level can unlock it;
-number of cells: without upgrades – 286, with all upgrades – 362;
-speed – 8, turning speed – 1.2;
-support ships – 2 * Crusaders;
-galactic carrier with impressive bonuses (eg laser damage bonus).


Unlocking cost:


-35 blueprints and 20,000,000 credits.


Cost of all upgrades:


-70 blueprints and 8,000 Celestium.


*In addition to the new ship, the first skin was added to it, but this skin will be on sale in the in-game store in September.



3) Added changes to Oblivion Ark to make it stronger:


-the number of cells has been increased (from -268 to -282);
-changed support ships – instead of the old three Age Eagles, the special galactic carrier now has three Warriors!
-changes were made to the bonus system:
–base bonus to the regen speed of shields modules has been reduced from 25% to 21%;
–base bonus to strength shield modules has been reduced from 10% to 8%;
— base bonus to the health of armor modules has been reduced from 23% to 14%;
–base bonus to the total module power generation reduced from 30% to 25%
–the health of power modules bonus has been replaced with 5% health of ballistic modules;
–base bonus to missile damage reduced from 21% to 18%.


Commanders, we invite you to try new changes in Oblivion Ark in the Arena, in Class Battles, in order to share with us in the future your impressions of the redesigned ship.




4) Added changes to Type K4-8U70 in order to strengthen it:


-the number of cells was increased from 27 to 29;
-changes were made to the bonus system:
–base bonus strength shield modules increased from 4% to 6%;
–base bonus to laser damage increased from 4% to 5%.
We are interested, commanders, are you ready to start using this ship after such changes? We are waiting for your reactions below this post.


5) Event “Anomalies” has been improved.


Since the first start of the event, the developers have done a lot of work to improve the mode with Anomalies.

After careful research of your feedback, commanders, the developers made the following changes to the event:


a) Added preparation and activity period.


Now each player, even before the start of battles in the event, will have a certain preparation period, in which:
-there is an opportunity to make a choice of a ship in advance to participate in the event;
-you need to create a separate build for the event. You cannot copy a ship assembly from the Arena;
Now you don’t need to worry about confusion with builds or mistakes with the ship displayed in the event. You have the opportunity to prepare and choose a new build for the conditions of the anomaly.


b)Event limits.


The event remains limited in terms of the number of defeats, but these defeats can be discarded for Celestium. There are cooldown periods in between such ability to reset defeats.
A new battle limit has been set.


c) Added updated matchmaking.


Now your opponents are selected exclusively from among those commanders who have already prepared their ship for the event battle.
This means that the battles in the event will become more interesting, since each build from now on will be designed specifically for a specific anomaly.


d) New visualization of event points.


Now, no commander will have a question about how many event points he received for victory or defeat.
Demonstration of the number of points awarded will now be more obvious and understandable, it is clear that the display of the event points will look like an icon.


e) Other interface changes.


Commanders! The developers really tried to make the event interface convenient for you. That is why the display of the available limit, preparation time in battle, etc. has been updated in the event menu.
After the start of the event, you can try out all the new features of this mode on your own.
When will the event take place? Wait for the dates to be announced in the in-game notification or in the social networks.


6) Added two additional ship slots  for purchase.


This seems like great news, as you've been waiting for this for so long, Commanders!

Now the eleventh and twelfth slots are available!


Slot cost:


-11th = 5,000 Celestium;


-12th = 10,000 Celestium.



7)  Updated graphics for the ship’s Crusader and Warriors.


Since these ships were part of the support ships for the Prophet and Oblivion Ark, the developers have updated their graphics to match the ships.
You can evaluate the new appearance of ships in the ship store or already in your own hangar.




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