UPDATE 3.9.3!
May 12

👨‍🚀 It’s time to update, Commanders!

Update 3.9.3 is gradually becoming available for both beta and common Android user-Commanders. Soon iOS users will also be able to play the new version.

🚀 To get the update faster than others, join the game’s beta test. Here is a small guide for Commanders regarding how to join the open beta test. To take part in the testing, you should:

  1. go to the Space Arena Google Play page;

  2. scroll down and find a Join the Beta section;

  3. press Join and then – Join again.

You can read more about this procedure on the official Google website.

And here’s the full list of the 3.9. changes:

  • New Daily Deals appeared in the shop!

  • Fixed lighting in the Hangar.

  • Now the Level Pass menu will be hidden if no rewards are left to obtain. That will work if you have Level Pass purchased, and all rewards obtained.

  • Adjustments to the UI Fleet Arena menu were implemented.

  • Added achievements for having specific skins.

  • From now on, the Achievements, Daily, and Weeklies tasks progress notifications are being displayed with different colors.

  • Fixed a bug where the upgrade attempt for a module parameter would occasionally freeze.

  • Fixed a bug where penalty timer values in the Hangar would not change after opening the Clans menu.

  • Fixed a bug where the Hull Break Chance UI parameter would not update its state.

  • Prices for purchasing ship hull extension modifications were adjusted.

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