Update 2.7.8: what’s new?
June 04

RU news.

In the June 2.7.8 update, the developers prepared a number of new content that should make small changes to the already familiar life of  Arena:

-added a new ship, which belongs to the class Frigate;

-added a new module mkII;

-added a new galaxy;

– added a small bonus gift from developers.

Let’s take a closer look at each innovation of this update.

1.Frigate – Orkaan.

-this is a special ship that can be unlocked for special blueprints;

-this newcomer claims to be one of the strongest ships in the class of frigates, because without upgrades it includes 76 cells, and with all upgrades it takes on the dimensions of the legendary PSS Miran mk. II -108 cells.

-you can unlock the ship for 8 blueprints, and for its purchase you need 1,750,000 credits.

Basic parameters of the ship:

-turn – 0.7;

-speed: 5.

Unique bonus of Orkaan:

-Total Module Reflect +0.8%.

Defense bonuses of Orkaan:

-Armor of Armor Modules +0.8%;

-Health of Shield Modules +0.8%;

-Health of Power Modules +0.8%.


Support bonuses of Orkaan:

-Mass of Armor Modules -0.5%

-Mass of Engine modules -0.5%

-Thrust power of Engine modules +0.8%.

As you already understood, commanders, Orkaan is a promising frigate of impressive size, which does not give up just like that since it has excellent defense bonuses.

You can find blueprints for this ship in galaxies with different drop probabilities.

2.War shield mk.II.

-improved version of basic War Shield;

-sold in Black Market;

-52 lvl module;

-the purchase of such a module to the unlock level costs 10,000 Celestium, at level 52 and after – 5,000,000 credits.

Module Features:

-improved shield strength – 1000 instead of the usual 500;

-increased power use – 350 instead of 280;

-reduced max regeneration – 50 instead of 500 in the basic version of the shield.

Such a shield is able to absorb twice as much damage from enemy attacks, however, having a basic regeneration speed, it regenerates power to more limited values ​​than the regular version of the module.

How to use this module to strengthen builds? It’s up to you, commanders!
But we are confident that in the hands of experienced commanders this shield will be an excellent defense of the ship.

3.Galaxy B-Sec7.

-event galaxy that will drop in case of victory in class battles;

-such a galaxy will contain at the same time ship blueprints. The new frigate Orkaan is no exception.

4. Bonus from developers:

This time, the developers have prepared for each commander a nice bonus. To receive it, just go to the in-game mail, read the incoming letter, and the bonus will arrive on your account.

Impressed, commanders?

The opportunity to get new content is already awaiting you at Space Arena.
Win class battles and catch luck by the tail!

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