Update 2.16 is out!
September 14

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

👾 Update 2.16 is out today! Let’s talk about what has been changed and added to the game.

Changes in this update affected mostly deep game mechanics, most modules have been added 20 levels of additional parameter improvement. This means from now on the parameters can be improved from 41 to 60 levels. Similarly, levels of improvement of the modules have been changed as well. An additional 6 levels were added, from 16 to 21, respectively. This means some previously unused modules will receive a significant upgrade and will be able to appear on the commander’s ships!

However, in order to balance these new power spikes, additional game resources were introduced: Limit Breaker and Powerful Limit Breaker. These resources are used to unlock the maximal potential of each individual module and to “break” upgrade limits.

Limit Breakers can be obtained through Iota League 9 Galaxy Coordinates. Additional ways for obtaining those resources will be added in the future.

Limit Breakers are used to unlock additional levels of regular parameters, and Powerful Limit Breakers are used to unlock additional levels of special parameters (purple ones).

💬 Commanders! What are your thoughts on the update? Have you managed to break the limits on your favorite modules? We will appreciate feedback from you!

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