Update 2.15 is out!
August 24

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

👾 The update 2.15 was finally released! Let’s talk about what was changed and added to the game.

First of all, the changes concerned in-game events. A Galaxy Event Map has been added for easy navigation. This map displays the current events which are held at the moment.
Now about the events themselves. Two new game events were added: Epic Engineers Challenge and Tournament of Glory.

Epic Engineers Challenge is a game event where the Commander has to fight against AI ships with various builds. After each won battle, the Commander will unlock the next reward in the Reward chain (which is similar to the current Campaign reward system). Certain conditions should be taken into account to participate in the event (for example, the Commander should have a specific ship).

The parameters of the module – Hyperion Chaingun – were also reworked. The Damage and Fire Rate parameters were increased: Damage increased from 9 to 12; Fire Rate – from 4.615 to 5.455.

Speaking of technical components, a confirmation window for “Grind Time” awards has been added for the players’ convenience.

💬 Commanders! What are your impressions of the update? Have you already managed to take part in new events? We will be glad to receive feedback from you!

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