Universe Challenge!
February 02

👨‍🚀 Greetings Commanders!

As you probably already noticed, the galactic universe is full of dangers and adventures. Each Commander tries to survive in this harsh world, where everything is decided by Credits, Celestium, and the efficient placement of modules on your ships…

📖 But it wasn’t always like that. Among other legends, the following story about Planet 13 is firmly entrenched in the minds of the Commanders. Even before the creation of the Space Arena, peace and prosperity reigned in almost all colonized planets and explored star systems. The economy bloomed thanks to the efforts of planetary diplomats and established trade routes. Scientists worked together, shoulder to shoulder, studying more and more star systems and planets. Almost all rich people wanted to be the first to invest in expeditions for in-depth exploration of newly discovered planets. They were eager to invest huge amounts of Credits and Celestium in colonizing planets and establishing appropriate infrastructure. While the forces of the galactic headquarters, engineers, and military units were thrown into other, higher priority tasks related to production, as well as the protection of new-found colonies. Of course, the main part of the military power continued to defend the interests of their states and maintain peace in the entire universe. The same applied to Planet 13 – one of the largest cosmic bodies, on which life literally prospered. Planet 13 was considered one of the main leaders in technological and economic development, actively interacting with other planets and organizations. Planet 13 has even been unofficially nicknamed the “Midas State” for its enormous growth in the political and economic areas.

But nothing lasts forever. Once upon a time, there was a threat of catastrophe of the universal (in the very literal sense of the word!) scale – an unidentified object was approaching Planet 13. The size of this object was comparable to the size of the planet. Despite the enormous transgalactic technological advancement of the time, inhabitants did not possess sufficient resources and technology to bring down such an object before it reached its target. It seemed that the universe itself threw down a challenge to all galactic inhabitants and one way or another it had to be accepted…

Scientists and best pilots calculated how many Credits would be required to accelerate the development of a prototype of a huge plasma gauss cannon, codenamed “Kronus”, and the results of those calculations were really shocking. The sum was so huge that it was impossible to accumulate even if every independent nation in the entire galaxy contributed a significant portion of the Credits from their treasury. But single one decision possible was developed. The superiors of the galactic headquarters proposed to legalize the illicit ship battles, most of which were carried out illegally and far from the borders of the Federation. HQ superiors offered to tax the organizers, participants, and spectators of such battles. And the Supreme Council approved this idea. In addition, the authorities have reduced the requirements for the acquisition and piloting of space ships, and the engineering industry has reduced prices for almost all models of ships. Everything possible was being done in order to save the “Midas State” and its inhabitants.

However, the civilians simply did not believe the authorities. It seemed to everyone that the news about an unidentified object was another political hype and economic fraud. And transmedia only exacerbated the situation. As a result, riots and strikes began. In the allotted time, the inhabitants of the galaxy were unable to accumulate the needed funds, and in one day the whole sector was completely wiped by an enormous object…

☄ And now, as if from the pages of history, a similar object appeared on the radar of the headquarters! Commanders, we will not repeat the mistakes of others. Let’s join our forces and stop this space boulder together! It’s time to complete the “Universe Challenge”!

👾 We attach a progress bar with milestones. All the Commanders must unite and complete the same four tasks from the story. After achieving each of the milestones, our headquarters will inform the Commanders about it, and the next milestone becomes available for completion. And along with the last milestone, absolutely all Commanders will receive valuable resources to their in-game mail. Thus, after completing all the tasks, the creation of the “Kronus” will be finished, and the existence of the whole planet will be preserved!

But hurry up! The object will reach our borders in exactly one month. During this time, we need to pass all the milestones.

P.S. Absolutely all social platforms are considered towards the community trial, even TikTok and Instagram. All links can be found in the “Helpful Links” section on the right side of the Reddit page.

We can make it, Commanders!

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