The responses of the SA development team to your suggestions
September 21

Hello commanders!

As you already know, once a month we prepare short notes for you about the responses of the SA development team to your suggestions, so that you are always aware of the plans for the development of the game.

Recently, we have been receiving very interesting suggestions from you, which we would like to take into account when developing new updates. Want to know what these suggestions are and how they will affect the game? Read below!

Also, don’t forget to share your feedback or new suggestions for the game, we always carefully read them!

Suggestion1️⃣. Create a separate menu to select the battle mode because we often confuse class battles with the regular Arena going into battle on the wrong ships.

Devs response: We are currently working on changes to the game interface. We will try to take this suggestion into account when redesigning the battle type selection interface design.

Suggestion 2️⃣. Strengthen the Crusader. Now it’s the only carrier without support ships. The ship itself is pretty weak.

Devs response: We will look into the mechanics of this ship and consider this feedback in further development. Thank you!

Suggestion 3️⃣. Fix the problem of automatic defeat in case of a failure of the Internet connection.

Devs response: We are already working on a solution to this problem. We will make every effort to make changes in one of the next updates.

Suggestion 4️⃣. Mode suggestion: single-player mode with rounds. In each round, the player meets the n- number of ships that he needs to defeat. The number of ships increases with each round.

Devs response: This is an interesting idea, worthy of implementation in the form of a separate mode or even an event. We will consider the possibilities of creating such an event when we plan a new event grid.

Suggestion 5️⃣. Increase the maximum module leveling limit to 20. I would like to keep updating modules further.

✖️Devs response: We are not planning to increase the number of module levels so far. Most players have not yet reached level 15. Once this situation changes, we will probably increase the number of such levels to 20.

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