The 3.8. update is out!
November 23

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

The 3.8. update is available for download for Commanders! The HQ prepared a description of what was changed and added within this update. Here we go!

A new ship called Achilles was added to the game. This ship belongs to the Galactic Carrier class. Commanders may purchase Achilles for 16 000 000 Credits on level 58. Achilles got 4 Myrmidons-supports and a bunch of powerful upgradeable bonuses such as Damage and Range of all weapons, Reflect and Armor of armor modules, projectiles disruption chance of all defense systems. However, some of the big-sized weapons like the Doomsday Laser could not be equipped on Achilles due to its unique form. Still, we advise you to test the brand-new ship, fresh from the HQ factories!

Achilles in action


Achilles skin


All parameters and unique bonus


The work on the Anomalies has been finally completed! The main objective of the implemented changes was to make the famous event even more fascinating for all Commanders. And here is the list of the main features of the reworked Anomalies:

  • Commanders may meet two types of Anomalies. In the case of the first one Commanders will need to have certain ships’ models in their hangar slots. It’s also possible to change the ship you have picked recently for the event using Credits. The second type of event means Commanders will need to pick one of the ships suggested by the game itself.
  • The same applies to the modules that Commanders use during the event. Based on the type of the event, Commanders will be able either to pick modules they already own with their current levels of upgrades or the game will suggest a set of modules that have certain levels of upgrades.
  • The previous limit of five defeats was removed. From now on, there is only a limit of battles Commanders may conduct per day within the event. However. Commanders may also conduct additional event battles using Credits. 
  • Previously. Commanders earned so-called “Event points” that were used both as a currency and as an indicator for the event leaderboards. Sometimes this feature confused some of the Commanders. The HQ has taken it into the account. Now, Commanders may purchase event rewards using the same old Event Points. The Event Trophies show the Commanders’ positions in the Anomalies leaderboard.
  • The event matchmaking system was improved. Commanders won’t meet the same opponent they have met before for a while. The system itself is based only on the Event Trophies earned by the Commanders.
  • The event interface was significantly redesigned.

Don’t worry if you met a strange window during the Arena battles which tell you about the “suspicious activity”! Starting from this update, Commanders may meet this human check window from time to time. This measure is intended to prevent the use of auto clickers and other similar software which ruin the spirit of the game and competition.

An example of human check window


The major changes related to the credits and the in-game economics have been introduced to the game as well. The credits limit will be set starting from 23/11/2022. This means that the player will not be able to accumulate more than a certain amount of credits.

Now, upon reaching the limit of credits, the player will lose all the excess credits. It means that a player should always keep in mind his current credits and a limit. If by 23/11/2022 the player will have more than 100,000,000 credits, then all the excess credits will be converted into Celestium. Celestium which was received during the conversion will be sent by mail.

And that’s all for today, Commanders! Feel free to share your opinion regarding this update at our Discord community!

See you all at the Arena!

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