The 3.6. update is out!
July 18

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders! 

👨‍💻 Another Development news issue time! The long-awaited update 3.6 has been released. So, let’s take a look at what this update has brought to Commanders. And don’t question it, we will tell you lots of interesting things!

🔬 We start with one of the most desired features. The Clan Shop has opened its doors! There you can purchase almost all types of in-game resources (chips, Galaxy Coordinates, success units, and so on) either for yourself or as a gift for your clanmates. Please note that the prices are displayed in two currencies for each Clan Shop item. That means Commander will spend both of them when purchasing an item. Commanders may use the following currencies: Credits, Celestium, and a brand-new currency called “Like Coin”.

As for the Clan Leaders and Officers – now they have an opportunity to add temporary bonuses to the defense and attack fleets. Some of the bonuses increase the damage from weapons of a certain type (Lasers, Ballistics, and Missiles). Others increase the health of all modules and some bonuses affect the parameters of certain module types. These bonuses can be applied to the defenders and attackers during the Clan War. To purchase these bonuses Officers and Leaders will have to spend another currency that most of the Commanders are familiar with, the Clan Credits. Soon the HQ will publish a guiding article about the Clan Shop and its features.

New ship models were added as an exclusive Clan Shop trial offers: Age Eagle Mk.II and Destroyer Vega Mk.II. Their sizes are respectively 126 and 162 cells. Visit the Clan Shop and try out the newcomers!

Some changes were made to the clan contribution system as well. Now Commanders have an opportunity to contribute 50000 Credits 40 times. Thus, the max amount of a daily contribution equals 2 000 000 Credits. However, now you can reset the daily contributions limit ten times instead of two. You’ll need the Contribution tokens to do so. But take a note, starting from the second reset, the number of required Contribution tokens will increase by two. It means that you will have to spend one Contribution token while making the first reset, two tokens while making a second reset, four tokens while making the third reset, and so on, up to the tenth reset and eighteen tokens.
Some changes involve the chips and Celestium: Commanders can contribute 20 Celestium and 20 chips, five times each. Thus, the max amount of a daily contribution equals 100 Celestium or 100 chips. The cost of resets using the Contribution Token here is the same. Besides, from now on, the clans accept overclocking (golden) chips as a contribution too.

Speaking of clans. Starting from the 3.6 version, clan levels 5 and 6 are unlocked. The max number of clan members will be increased as well. 35 clan members are for the 5th level and 40 clan members are for the 6th level. More Commanders – more fun!

Two big changes regarding the hangar mechanics were added. The first one concerns the max number of hangar slots available for unlocking with Celestium. Now it equals 20 slots. And the second one is the long-awaited feature to sort the ships in the hangar. Now you could not only expand your own hangar but also arrange it as you like!

Continuing the hangar topic. Starting this update, Commanders have the opportunity to unlock two additional save slots in the construction mode. Thus, the max number of slots now equals five.

It is also important to mention the Gaussian War Shotgun buff. The recoil parameter was decreased by 30 percent. That means the ship will move backward and turn less intensively when firing from this weapon. So, the Gaussian War Shotgun module has become more effective in battles! It’s about time to test this monster in your builds!

💬 And that’s all about the update, Commanders! Which change do you like the most? Or, perhaps, you enjoy all of them? Share your thoughts with us!

Till the next time at the Arena!

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